31 January 2009

January 25, 2009

This week was fantastic. We went on divisions on Friday and it was way cool. I went with one of the Latin’s in a city called Tartagal to the south and we had some great experiences. The member that we ate lunch with had a question before we shared our spiritual thought and she pulled out a scripture she did not understand. I thought about it for a minute and a scripture that I had received in a letter popped into my head, it was Alma 26:12. I shared that with her and she said that was exactly what she needed to understand her question. So thank you to all of you for sending me inspirational scriptures and such because in doing so, you truly are being tools in the hands of the Lord.

We have a couple dozen investigators right now, and one of the most promising is a lady name Maria Quinteros. She actually asked the previous missionaries for a Book of Mormon but they never went to teach her! So we found her and we have been teaching her about the gospel. She seems to understand it and really have a desire. We are going to try to extend an invitation to be baptized next time we visit.
We are teaching a family that we actually stumbled upon because we ran into a drunken man in the street and he took us to their house... weird I know. But we have taught them the first lesson and are going back in a couple days. There are two children one of 11 years and the other 12 years. They are really excited about it and we believe that the parents will be baptized and if not they will allow the children to be, along with their adoptive mother/aunt.

So that is going very well. We keep running into members, less actives and people that are not even on any of the church lists and we just find them in the streets, it´s odd but very cool to see how the spirit guides you to bring people back to the truth.

I had a very cool opportunity to give my first blessing in Spanish; a lady in the ward ate some bad food and has been sick for a week or so. Moral of the story is don´t eat horse empanadas :).

Elder Jeff Rose

23 January 2009

So I am here in Argentina and it is amazing!

I found that my Spanish actually isn´t that horrible. I can´t understand everything, but they can at least understand me. I met my companion. His name is Elder Jordan Nichols, from Ogden Utah -- the coolest guy ever. We hit it off right away.

My area ... borders a city in Bolivia called Yacuiba. My city is called Pocitos. It is so cool. We´re kind of in the jungle and it gets to be about 120 during the day :) I love it. It´s a dust bowl but the church is strong. Our branch president is hilarious.Bolivia is literally 20 yards away.

We have a few investigators and the members are strong. Last night we taught two lessons back to back that were seriously probably two of the most spiritually experiences I have had. It was way cool.

Our zone took a hike today) Tuesday is P-day still. We went to a water fall in Aguaray which was soooooo cool. We saw a monkey today, IN OUR AREA. So cool. It was in one of the barrios.

Oh by the way, elder Nicholls is the coolest guy ever. Our area is the best ever, Argentina is the coolest (not temp wise) and I can feel all of the prayers that you have been praying for me. Thank you for all that you do. The people here are amazing. They are always in a hurry and always working hard, but the ones who take a minute to be humble are so teachable and I love it. Can I say that again? I love my mission.

There´s so much to tell I have to have you narrow it down a bit. Needless to say I love you all and I am doing fantastic. I hope you are all well.