26 May 2009

The work here is moving along pretty well.

We have a few investigators that have baptismal dates for the 12th of next month, it seems like we have had a couple of baptismal dates that just keep getting pushed back a little bit every week. One day they will come and then that will be the day that you hear a shout of joy all the way from Argentina.

Tonight we are going to one of our investigator´s homes for a birthday celebration for her daughter. The mom, Natalia, and her oldest daughter, Dihana have baptismal dates for the twelfth along with a 88 year old man named Jose and possibly another but we haven´t re-challenged her yet. She is the daughter of a less active in the ward.

Things in the ward have gotten a little better lately. We had a real heart to heart talk with our bishop and explained a few things to him and Elder Olson had a meeting with one of the counselors in the stake presidency and I have a feeling, or at least I hope, that we start seeing some more action in our ward on the topic of missionary work among the members.

As for Argentina; it still cannot decide whether it wants to be summer or winter yet and the weather is super unpredictable. Yesterday we went to a different area for divisions and I got to have another senior companion experience. The area we visited was closed last transfer and one really good investigator was left behind. He should also be getting baptized soon, as he is getting married this week or the next.

19 May 2009

May 19, 2009

I´m still here in Soliz Pizarro with Elder Jara. Things are going well, just moving along. As for the baptisms, right now we have one baptismal date for the 6th. He is an 88 year old man named Jose Gallardo. His son is the ward mission leader in a neighboring ward and he came with us to teach his dad on Sunday. It was a crazy cool lesson. He said something that really hit me hard. He said that after knowing the gospel in his life he no longer has problems, rather he has trials. There is a difference; and the difference in your attitude and the invocation of god´s power to help you out.

We found a cool couple of investigators or rather they were brought to us. There is a member that was less active that we brought back to church that brought to people that rent from him to church. We taught one the other night and he seemed truly interested actually. I think it will help to have a member living next door for many reasons. So there were some things that changed during transfers.

06 May 2009

Mission Record!

Here is the report from the other land down under... The baptism for this weekend has been moved to the next weekend. We also have a few other baptismal dates for the end of the month.

I had my first opportunity to act as senior companion the other day. I took Elder Williamson’s new kid out to work while Elder Jara went out and did divisions with Williamson. The newbie, Elder Hendrickson, has 4 weeks in the mission and doesn’t speak a whole lot but it was a good day and we learned some really good stuff together.

As for the work in general, it is still going. It has slowed down a little bit because of the rain and everything just gets slower during the rain.

Other news. Well the same news as last time, but newer. I set a mission record last week. And the record is..... drumroll..... the highest number of dog bites in 6 days. 2!!! Yeah I got bit by two dogs lat week, but don´t worry, I won :)!

I am doing way good. Just working and doing the missionary thing. I’m in a way good part of my life right now where things can only get better in so many ways.