30 December 2008

My time is winding down!

December 30, 2008

My time is winding down and I have nearly two weeks left at the MTC is all. As for my real departure date it will be either the 12th or 13th as long as I get my visa, which I haven't heard anything about other than the fact that the consulate we met with personally, Senor Cafeiro, told us there would be absolutely no problem.

We should also be getting new missionaries today and tomorrow which is always so fun. Oh, I have been a little sick lately, beginning on Christmas Eve, and now I have no voice so that makes teaching interesting, but don't worry for a second about me. I’m fine and I’m going to go to the health center to have it all checked out. I’ll let you know if it turns out I have the plague or something ;)

The time here, though it is winding down, only seems to get more and more precious. I am learning so much and the language just keeps on coming little by little. It is so fun to see how we can all speak pretty much the entire day and communicate all the things we want to. And as for the teaching, it is progressing so well. I can really see now from experiences I have had of recent that the love that I can have from the Lord is showing through me to the people that I teach. And I CANNOT wait until I get to the field so I can let that love spill out on everyone that I meet.

Most of those who I met when I came into the MTC are gone, actually there is only one more district and then we would be the senior district, weird huh? The calling is still going well, always learning and always finding out new things about people in general and especially about myself. Thank you so much Mom and Dad and all my siblings for all that you did in training me to be a strong servant and to love the gospel and to have a love for other people. I am starting to see how certain experiences which I have had in my life were put there specifically to prepare me and throw me through the refiners fire so that I could serve with the power that the Lord knows I have the potential for. Thank you so much for your love and your prayers and all the caring that you put towards me. You are the epitome of a COOL family and you are so great. Love you all. You are in my prayers and I think of you always.

Vale la pena,
Que tangan un beun dia con mucho felicidad en el servicio del senor
Elder Rose

23 December 2008

I Love This Work

December 23, 2008

Hey Family--

Thank you for all of your letters, and all of the prayers that have been offered in my behalf. I really appreciate it. I am doing really well in fact. And yes, the smile is still working hard dad! It’s really hard not to smile when I think about all of you during this Christmas season. The things that I have been learning and realizing and putting into practice have blessed me so greatly. We have had the most amazing firesides and devotionals lately and I have learned so much and my desire to DO has increased so much. I Love this work and I know that I am here doing the right thing.

I have really enjoyed opening the gifts that you have sent me mom and dad. Thank you so much for keeping it simple and uplifting. I knew I could count on you two do what would bring the spirit of the true reason of Christmas into my life and the lives of others here at the MTC through sharing of what I have with them.

Mom, Thank you for your love and the caring that you have for our family. Thank you for raising me up in a way that I never had a doubt in my mind about what I was supposed to be doing with my life and where I was supposed to be. It has become one of my biggest inspirations to continue on in the paths of righteousness. Like with the stripling warriors, I do not doubt that you knew it and because you always made that known, I now know it.

I have heard a lot about the people down in Argentina and I realize that they are being affected very hard by the crisis in the world right know. I want to be able to help them in any way that I can, but I know that I cannot support them all. What if do know though is that I have something more precious than money to give to them, something that I really can't give to them but I can allow them to have through the spirit and through coming unto Christ. This time of year is especially poignant for this message to be spread to the world. And I testify to you that this is the message that I will be sharing: That he Lives and that he is our redeemer and savior and through him and only through him can we grow and progress and gain the only true happiness in this and the life to come which is eternal life--a life with him and with our families and those who we love deeply. I love you all deeply and desire in the greatest way, from the core of my being to share this message with not only the people of Argentina, but with you all.

I know that you realize what you must do, but I want you to realize that you are not the only ones that are banking on your righteousness. We are all pulling for you and all desire for you to be righteous so we can share the fullness of our joy with each other. Like I said I know I cannot give everyone money or food or whatever they think they need, but in my weakness I can share with them what GOD knows they need. Please read Acts Chapter 3, I think it is verses 1-10. If that seems odd search for the chapter in Acts where Peter states that he cannot give money, but he says "what I have I give unto you" and he commands a man who has been lame since birth to arise and to walk. This story touched me to the core and made me realize what I am doing here. Not necessarily here where I am right now, but in the larger sense of my mission. When people ask me why I am here, I will tell them boldly and nobly that I am here to give that which only our lord and redeemer Jesus Christ can give to them; the happiness which only he can inspire.

His is the message I challenge you all to ponder in your own lives this Christmas season. Sorry I am occasionally long winded which on this occasion means I have no time left to share much about my day to day life, but this I feel is more important. I love you and I cherish you each individually and as a whole. I send my love and the love of the Lord.

_ Your son, brother and best friend
Elder Jeffrey Rose

16 December 2008

Things in the MTC are Fantastic!

I hope this letter finds you all well and that things are going great for you all this holiday season. Things in the MTC are fantastic. Everything is really coming along. My calling is going very well and I am learning a ton when it comes to doctrine, the language, and just a lot about life.

We had a really awesome experience on Sunday night to have a fireside by the BYU men’s chorus and it was so fantastic. Music really brings the spirit so strongly. They invited all the former members of the chorus who are in the MTC to come and sing the last two numbers and one of the members of my zone went up. I had no idea. He said it was the best Christmas present he could have gotten.

I had my first opportunity this Sunday along with elder Chestnutwood to act in our zone leader responsibilities. There is a lot to do but it is so good. We get some new missionaries this week for the first time since I have been here so that will be fun to help them figure out what's going on in this new and strange place.

The temple is closing for the end of the year so they can get some work done, and on our normal days we would go to the temple for the rest of the year we will be participating in the service inside the temple which is pretty awesome if you ask me. It’s a chance to help build up the Lord’s house and make it beautiful again.

Tell everyone that is asking that I couldn't be happier and that I love them all so much. I am so excited to hear about McKay’s mission call. Tell him congratulations for me and I know you don't have any problems keeping busy but make sure you are always serving and doing the things that the Lord asks of you I love you all from the depths of my heart and beyond. My love is always with you.

Elder Rose

11 December 2008

December 9, 2008

Things are going Really well here. I was just released from my calling as District Leader and was sustained as Zone Leader on Fast Sunday. Speaking of Fast Sunday, it was rather amazing. I bore my testimony in Spanish for the first time in front of that large of a group. After that I had my normal meetings, none of which disappeared since I was made ZL but rather more were added on. But Elder Chestnutwood and I will be helping each other out with everything. (He is the other new ZL as well.)

So also on Sunday, we had our mission conference since it was Fast Sunday and there was extra time without meals. Our mission president and his wife spoke along with the first counselor President Madsen and his wife. They were very uplifting and spiritual talks. We also had a devotional that night followed by a showing of the Testaments.

Oh and as today is p-day, perhaps the busiest day of the week, there has been a bunch of stuff going on. My district met personally with the Argentinean consul today because he is new to the job and President Boone selected our district as the "DEMO" district to show him what the MTC is all about. It was great.

I set a goal to read the Book of Mormon before I leave the MTC. So far I am on track to have it done.

I continue to learn on a daily basis new things or at least things that I never fully understood before. I am trying to become that missionary that I hope everyone thinks that I am. It came from an experience I had yesterday. Elder Chestnutwood and I went into the "real world" to get him a pair of glasses and while we were sitting there a lady walked up to each of us and gave us some money. It was very weird at first but then it got me to thinking about how much just the image of a missionary means to some people. I'm trying to fill those shoes as best as I can.

Well I love you all and I wish you all the best and wish that you carry on and live your lives the way the Lord wants you to live them.

From the front lines
Elder Jeffrey Darrell Rose

03 December 2008

Elder Rose and his MTC District

"I'm surrounded by amazing missionaries. And I have been blessed to have inspired leaders to teach and guide me the whole way. And the most important thing I have been blessed with: My family. I love you all so much and it means more than the world to me that I have all of you supporting me and praying for me."

Jeff has been called to be a district leader in MTC. He is enjoying this experience and the things he is learning with the responsibilities. The picture is of Jeff's district. (Left to Right) Elder Fox, Elder Rose, Elder Stone, Elder Rhoton, and Elder Chestnutwood, Sister Morrill and Sister Darais.

The Juggling Elder

Jeff was set apart as a missionary on November 6, 2008. With several days to relax before going into the MTC on November 12, Jeff decided to teach himself to juggle. He actually got pretty good. We thought you might enjoy a picture of our juggling missionary.

02 December 2008

Jeffrey R. Holland's visit to the MTC

Diane and I got a letter from Jeffrey today. It was so great to hear from him. Apparently Jeffrey has a missionary in his zone from Blacksburg (or at least he was attending Virginia Tech before he went on his mission). In Jeff's letter he talked about Jeffrey R. Holland's visit to the MTC and included a few words that he wanted me to pass along. Here is what he wrote (in his exact words):
  • First, I'd like to thank all of you for your prayers for me. Elder Holland said he believes missionaries are the most prayed for group in the world, and I can feel it.
  • Speaking on the gospel he said, "It was true then, it's true now and it will be true forever."
  • Read Mosiah 5:13 and Alma 37:36
  • Perhaps the most profound way I've ever heard the atonement talked about: "The road to salvation always passes through Gethsemane and ascends Golgotha."
  • "This is hard work, sometimes it is painful, but it is always joyful work."
Just to clarify, the quotes above are Jeffrey R. Holland's words and the rest is what Elder Rose wrote.

I was very appreciative to get this letter from Jeff. I myself had been having a rough day and it was good to hear from my brother. I thought the last bullet point was a bit interesting as well. Diane and I wrote a letter to Jeffrey over the weekend and I felt like I should tell Jeff about some experiences I had while in the MTC. One of the things that I wrote to him about was the fact that missionary work isn't always easy. I told him that sometimes the work is hard, upsetting and spiritually painful, but no matter what happens, as long as he is being obedient and serving the Lord, then he will find joy in it. When I saw what Elder Holland had said it made me smile.

To end his letter Jeff says, "I know that Christ will walk every step of my mission before I do, and that brings such comfort."

He's doing well and he's happy. He sends his love.


02 November 2008

Yosemite Trip

Hey Guys-

As my last hurrah of sorts, I asked to go down to Yosemite National Park with mom and dad. It was great and even though it was a little rainy I still managed to drag mom and dad up a couple of mountains. I'll post some pictures tomorrow probably, as soon as i get them all uploaded.


29 October 2008

Soon to Come

Hey Family-

Keep your eyes out for new posts here about what I'm up to while I'm gone. The first pictures that go up should be those of me going into the MTC. It'll be up to the family collectively to put things up whenever they receive them. Love you guys.