23 December 2008

I Love This Work

December 23, 2008

Hey Family--

Thank you for all of your letters, and all of the prayers that have been offered in my behalf. I really appreciate it. I am doing really well in fact. And yes, the smile is still working hard dad! It’s really hard not to smile when I think about all of you during this Christmas season. The things that I have been learning and realizing and putting into practice have blessed me so greatly. We have had the most amazing firesides and devotionals lately and I have learned so much and my desire to DO has increased so much. I Love this work and I know that I am here doing the right thing.

I have really enjoyed opening the gifts that you have sent me mom and dad. Thank you so much for keeping it simple and uplifting. I knew I could count on you two do what would bring the spirit of the true reason of Christmas into my life and the lives of others here at the MTC through sharing of what I have with them.

Mom, Thank you for your love and the caring that you have for our family. Thank you for raising me up in a way that I never had a doubt in my mind about what I was supposed to be doing with my life and where I was supposed to be. It has become one of my biggest inspirations to continue on in the paths of righteousness. Like with the stripling warriors, I do not doubt that you knew it and because you always made that known, I now know it.

I have heard a lot about the people down in Argentina and I realize that they are being affected very hard by the crisis in the world right know. I want to be able to help them in any way that I can, but I know that I cannot support them all. What if do know though is that I have something more precious than money to give to them, something that I really can't give to them but I can allow them to have through the spirit and through coming unto Christ. This time of year is especially poignant for this message to be spread to the world. And I testify to you that this is the message that I will be sharing: That he Lives and that he is our redeemer and savior and through him and only through him can we grow and progress and gain the only true happiness in this and the life to come which is eternal life--a life with him and with our families and those who we love deeply. I love you all deeply and desire in the greatest way, from the core of my being to share this message with not only the people of Argentina, but with you all.

I know that you realize what you must do, but I want you to realize that you are not the only ones that are banking on your righteousness. We are all pulling for you and all desire for you to be righteous so we can share the fullness of our joy with each other. Like I said I know I cannot give everyone money or food or whatever they think they need, but in my weakness I can share with them what GOD knows they need. Please read Acts Chapter 3, I think it is verses 1-10. If that seems odd search for the chapter in Acts where Peter states that he cannot give money, but he says "what I have I give unto you" and he commands a man who has been lame since birth to arise and to walk. This story touched me to the core and made me realize what I am doing here. Not necessarily here where I am right now, but in the larger sense of my mission. When people ask me why I am here, I will tell them boldly and nobly that I am here to give that which only our lord and redeemer Jesus Christ can give to them; the happiness which only he can inspire.

His is the message I challenge you all to ponder in your own lives this Christmas season. Sorry I am occasionally long winded which on this occasion means I have no time left to share much about my day to day life, but this I feel is more important. I love you and I cherish you each individually and as a whole. I send my love and the love of the Lord.

_ Your son, brother and best friend
Elder Jeffrey Rose

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