11 December 2008

December 9, 2008

Things are going Really well here. I was just released from my calling as District Leader and was sustained as Zone Leader on Fast Sunday. Speaking of Fast Sunday, it was rather amazing. I bore my testimony in Spanish for the first time in front of that large of a group. After that I had my normal meetings, none of which disappeared since I was made ZL but rather more were added on. But Elder Chestnutwood and I will be helping each other out with everything. (He is the other new ZL as well.)

So also on Sunday, we had our mission conference since it was Fast Sunday and there was extra time without meals. Our mission president and his wife spoke along with the first counselor President Madsen and his wife. They were very uplifting and spiritual talks. We also had a devotional that night followed by a showing of the Testaments.

Oh and as today is p-day, perhaps the busiest day of the week, there has been a bunch of stuff going on. My district met personally with the Argentinean consul today because he is new to the job and President Boone selected our district as the "DEMO" district to show him what the MTC is all about. It was great.

I set a goal to read the Book of Mormon before I leave the MTC. So far I am on track to have it done.

I continue to learn on a daily basis new things or at least things that I never fully understood before. I am trying to become that missionary that I hope everyone thinks that I am. It came from an experience I had yesterday. Elder Chestnutwood and I went into the "real world" to get him a pair of glasses and while we were sitting there a lady walked up to each of us and gave us some money. It was very weird at first but then it got me to thinking about how much just the image of a missionary means to some people. I'm trying to fill those shoes as best as I can.

Well I love you all and I wish you all the best and wish that you carry on and live your lives the way the Lord wants you to live them.

From the front lines
Elder Jeffrey Darrell Rose

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