02 December 2008

Jeffrey R. Holland's visit to the MTC

Diane and I got a letter from Jeffrey today. It was so great to hear from him. Apparently Jeffrey has a missionary in his zone from Blacksburg (or at least he was attending Virginia Tech before he went on his mission). In Jeff's letter he talked about Jeffrey R. Holland's visit to the MTC and included a few words that he wanted me to pass along. Here is what he wrote (in his exact words):
  • First, I'd like to thank all of you for your prayers for me. Elder Holland said he believes missionaries are the most prayed for group in the world, and I can feel it.
  • Speaking on the gospel he said, "It was true then, it's true now and it will be true forever."
  • Read Mosiah 5:13 and Alma 37:36
  • Perhaps the most profound way I've ever heard the atonement talked about: "The road to salvation always passes through Gethsemane and ascends Golgotha."
  • "This is hard work, sometimes it is painful, but it is always joyful work."
Just to clarify, the quotes above are Jeffrey R. Holland's words and the rest is what Elder Rose wrote.

I was very appreciative to get this letter from Jeff. I myself had been having a rough day and it was good to hear from my brother. I thought the last bullet point was a bit interesting as well. Diane and I wrote a letter to Jeffrey over the weekend and I felt like I should tell Jeff about some experiences I had while in the MTC. One of the things that I wrote to him about was the fact that missionary work isn't always easy. I told him that sometimes the work is hard, upsetting and spiritually painful, but no matter what happens, as long as he is being obedient and serving the Lord, then he will find joy in it. When I saw what Elder Holland had said it made me smile.

To end his letter Jeff says, "I know that Christ will walk every step of my mission before I do, and that brings such comfort."

He's doing well and he's happy. He sends his love.


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