30 December 2008

My time is winding down!

December 30, 2008

My time is winding down and I have nearly two weeks left at the MTC is all. As for my real departure date it will be either the 12th or 13th as long as I get my visa, which I haven't heard anything about other than the fact that the consulate we met with personally, Senor Cafeiro, told us there would be absolutely no problem.

We should also be getting new missionaries today and tomorrow which is always so fun. Oh, I have been a little sick lately, beginning on Christmas Eve, and now I have no voice so that makes teaching interesting, but don't worry for a second about me. I’m fine and I’m going to go to the health center to have it all checked out. I’ll let you know if it turns out I have the plague or something ;)

The time here, though it is winding down, only seems to get more and more precious. I am learning so much and the language just keeps on coming little by little. It is so fun to see how we can all speak pretty much the entire day and communicate all the things we want to. And as for the teaching, it is progressing so well. I can really see now from experiences I have had of recent that the love that I can have from the Lord is showing through me to the people that I teach. And I CANNOT wait until I get to the field so I can let that love spill out on everyone that I meet.

Most of those who I met when I came into the MTC are gone, actually there is only one more district and then we would be the senior district, weird huh? The calling is still going well, always learning and always finding out new things about people in general and especially about myself. Thank you so much Mom and Dad and all my siblings for all that you did in training me to be a strong servant and to love the gospel and to have a love for other people. I am starting to see how certain experiences which I have had in my life were put there specifically to prepare me and throw me through the refiners fire so that I could serve with the power that the Lord knows I have the potential for. Thank you so much for your love and your prayers and all the caring that you put towards me. You are the epitome of a COOL family and you are so great. Love you all. You are in my prayers and I think of you always.

Vale la pena,
Que tangan un beun dia con mucho felicidad en el servicio del senor
Elder Rose

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