06 May 2009

Mission Record!

Here is the report from the other land down under... The baptism for this weekend has been moved to the next weekend. We also have a few other baptismal dates for the end of the month.

I had my first opportunity to act as senior companion the other day. I took Elder Williamson’s new kid out to work while Elder Jara went out and did divisions with Williamson. The newbie, Elder Hendrickson, has 4 weeks in the mission and doesn’t speak a whole lot but it was a good day and we learned some really good stuff together.

As for the work in general, it is still going. It has slowed down a little bit because of the rain and everything just gets slower during the rain.

Other news. Well the same news as last time, but newer. I set a mission record last week. And the record is..... drumroll..... the highest number of dog bites in 6 days. 2!!! Yeah I got bit by two dogs lat week, but don´t worry, I won :)!

I am doing way good. Just working and doing the missionary thing. I’m in a way good part of my life right now where things can only get better in so many ways.

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