17 March 2009

The Work Continues

Not much new going on. It started getting hotter again. So that is fun. But the work is going well. In my interview with the mission president, he told me that this area that I am in is probably the most difficult area to work in and stay motivated in because of it´s history with trucho missionaries here and the lack of member confidence. But we seem to be doing well and it has been difficult, but if it was not it would not be a mission right? But I’m good. The work moves on no matter what people say or do and whether they want to listen or not. I always keep the hope, always keep the faith and always keep smiling. That last one helps a lot.

We never actually went to Salta to do divisions (exchanges) because we were stuck in another cut in the route for 9 hours. (A cut in the route is when the Argentines get upset so they cut trees down and block the road. Usually, it only lasts for 30 or so minutes. This is their way of protesting.)

We got part way down there and then there was a cut in the route. So anyway, we were on the bus waiting for 9 hours before we decided it wasn't worth it. We were able to get our money back though which was good. So we are going down there this weekend instead.

So the work just keeps going on same old same old. We find so many really great investigators, but like I said, they just don´t go to church. And we can only do so much in going to look for them on Sundays because of the size of the area and having to walk. But it´s still going, yeah, it is frustrating sometimes, but you just have to remember that even though you can always be doing more, you can´t do everything. And if you are being righteous and doing what you should, you´ll be blessed sometime down the road for it.

I´m excited for the last week of this transfer because it is general conference. We will get to go down to Tartagal, a bigger city, and watch it down there with all the missionaries from the zone. And then we have transfers the next day, so if one of us leaves, we will just bring everything with us down there. It´ll be fun to see a conference in the mission and get the chance to see it (some of it at least) in Spanish. They set it up in English for the elders who would like to listen in English.

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