30 March 2009

Number 10!

So I am sure you are wondering what the whole "number 10" thing is about. Well, that just so happens to be the number of investigators that we had in church on Sunday. It was super cool. One of our branch members, the second counselor in fact, brought 8, EIGHT, people from his English class at school. He told us he would go with us to teach all of them this Friday so I am Super STOKED for that. Then we had the father of a member family. His name is Daniel Rodas, he is a way good guy, he said he really does want to get baptized but he is taking things slow, so who know what will happen there, but he is coming to church every week, so there´s that. And then perhaps the best of all, my man Ramon came to church and brought his own investigator with him. Ha-ha, he is so awesome. His friend wasn't able to stay for sacrament meeting but it was cool to have him there. And as for Ramon, he is a stud. He was participating in every class and even volunteered to do things. And to top it off, after sacrament meeting (which this was his first week in church by the way) he told us this (the English translation of what he said at least "I will never miss another Sunday again." I was so so so so happy on Sunday. It was just amazing. And then to top it off we were invited to a barbecue by some members and it was SO good. We have a few other investigators who weren't there. Liliana, who is very promising but just has some issues with her husband being accepting. And then a lady named Norma who is so interested. It was sort of a shot to the heart when she told us she didn't know if she could be baptized and change from being catholic for her whole life. But who knows, anything can happen right? So that is where the investigator situation stands at the moment.

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