01 April 2009

March 31, 2009

The Church building is about a ten minute walk away, pretty close since it´s a smaller city and we live in centro. It is a rented house with a warehouse next door turned into a chapel. The attendance is good. It is going up ever since we got here. We had 65 in church last week which is unprecedented, and we had 10 investigators in church two weeks in a row. Nicholls said that is a mission record for him. So that was sweet. And the lessons continue going well. We just taught Norma Breto again and we teach Ramon Gonzales tomorrow. It was such a spiritual lesson. I totally see how loving the person is so important in the work. When you truly care about someone it is just easy to teach them. The church does have a full program. They are lacking priesthood holders and full tithe payers to have a chapel built. But it has all been going up. I really think that it will get there in a year or so.

The teaching has been great. The families we tried to pass by with Hermano Ovando all stood us up so we are still trying to talk to them. We will see what happens. Everything is going super good though. The cortes de ruta (protests) still continue in all parts and the dengue from mosquitoes is going crazy here, but we are all safe and healthy. No worries.

We have transfers this next week and conference which I am super dooper excited for. They set it up in Spanish and English for the elders so that is cool. I can´t wait to see what happens this time.

I am praying for you all and encourage you to share the gospel!

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