14 April 2009

I am doing really well

Everything is going great, we are pretty much starting from scratch, but the area isn't being whitewashed again, I’ll tell you why. My comp, Elder Jara, was with another missionary who, because of some odd numbers of missionaries, was emergency transferred to another area and Jara didn't have the chance to work in his area for about two weeks. So there were a lot of investigators who were lost, and some references and things that fell through. BUT, everything is good. We have about a dozen decent investigators right now and a handful of really good ones. We have two people with baptismal dates and we are aiming for a goal of ten by the end of the week. Gotta shoot for the stars to hit the moon right? So we will see how that all goes but we have had some really good lessons lately, helping people out with problems and such. We have given a few blessings and dedicated a home for a family the other day.

The area definitely is way different from Pocitos. I´m really enjoying my area because of the little things. First, we can finally go shopping. Second, the pension is bigger and nicer, we can actually study well because we have tables and desks and such. We have a real church building built by the church where we are able to go and teach people because we have our own set of keys and everything. And the members here are really excited about missionary work and really want to help, especially the bishop (oh yeah, we are in a ward now.) So the work is more involved with members and recent converts and all that. I love it, it is super cool.

Our area is also way bigger than Pocitos was. Pocitos covered a lot more area with walking in between, but this area is more densely populated and actually about the same size. So that is cool. We started knocking doors over again in Pocitos while I was there because we ran out, I don´t think that will happen here unless I am here for quite a while.

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