22 April 2009

Praying for baptisms!

Elder Jara and I had a couple slow days this week and we have the zone conference and divisions with the AP's coming up as well, so our number probably won´t be amazing, but what can you do right? Just work as hard as you can in the time that you have and make it all count. That is one thing that I have really realized lately. It will probably sound like old news to you all but I never really took full advantage of the time that I had while I was around before my mission. I took the work hard, play hard philosophy and forgot about the first part most of the time. But now I have really realized what it means to work hard so that you can play hard. The time that we are out working is so much more fulfilling and the time that we have to relax a little it so much more rewarding. I´m learning... slowly but surely... just me ya know.

But anyway, we have a couple of investigators with baptismal dates for the 9th of May so I will keep you updated on them. First, there is Juan Chocobar. he is 19 and the friend of one of the sons of the bishop. he is a stud, he just needs a little bit of a push. I imagine that if I was an investigator, I would be a lot like him. Then we have Natalia. She was a reference from another area in our zone. She took the discussions when she was younger but her parents never let her get baptized. And she has been going through some rough times lately so she felt like she needed something more in her life. Perhaps a case of forgetting God until you need something, but she is on the right path. She also has a daughter that is eight. Then there is a family that when we meet with them tonight we are going to see about talking out a few baptismal dates. The Ferrufino family. They are way cool, have tons of questions and they are super involved. Once again, just the challenge of getting them to church.

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