07 April 2009

Another Pin for the Mission Map!

I am no longer in Pocitos, I was transferred to Salta capital. My new companion is Elder Jara (pronounced Hara) and we are serving in an area called Solis Pizarro. It is way cool here, in more ways than one. I love the big city having more stuff at your fingertips and I love the weather, it´s like California just a little more humid. We live with six elders in our pensh. My companion and I slept on the roof of our pensh last night the weather was so nice.

I really do like it here. It was tough to leave Pocitos but I’m where I am supposed to be. So Elder Jara, he´s a Chilean, way chill, a super good teacher, and just a funny guy. P-day was cool today, we played some chess and I taught some of the Latino elders how to do the rubix cube. And they have an actual grocery store here where you can buy good stuff; it is owned by Wal-Mart so it is like that, just not nearly as big or with the variety but it is a far cry better than Pocitos.

Solis Pizarro, the pensh is right above a drugstore and across the street from the YPF which is the national gas station here. The church is right next door where we go to play ping pong on p-days. My area is ginormous. Way bigger than Pocitos but it is a city so no more cobblestone streets. We are about 15 minutes away from the mission offices so that is cool. And for the first time there are hermana missionaries in my zone. The pensh is pretty big. No more ants or mosquitoes, but there are the occasional cockroaches. I don´t mind them so far as they don´t mess with me.

So the language is coming very well actually, nobody can believe I have as little time in the mission as I do. I am still learning new stuff all the time. Having a Latino comp is definitely going to help a TON.

Everything is great here. I am happy where I am and with what I am doing. I’m working and I’m smiling!

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