08 July 2009

I’m doing great!

The baptism last week didn't happen because the bishop didn't announce it in sacrament meeting and his grandma wasn't going to be home from work, so it is supposed to be happening this weekend. Fingers crossed right? But everything has been going well.

On Saturday instead of our baptism we took some of our investigators to a baptism in another ward in our zone and showed them that. I actually spoke for part of the time. That was exciting. It turned out good. We had a few people in church on Sunday, one of our investigators got sick so she left early and took her daughter with her which was too bad, but what can you do.

We have been seeing some better numbers lately and more interaction on the part of the ward so that is way good. For the Fourth of July we sang “The Star Spangled Banner” at the top of our lungs and just talked about our 4th traditions... the gringos at least.

Today for P-day we went to Centro, walked around, I bought a tie. Then we went to a restaurant called Viejo Jacks, which is amazing. A few years ago there were a couple of elders who went there all the time and one day they made a special order. They called it "el gordo" and it is now a part of the menu, well... not on the menu, but they know what it is by name and the missionaries are the only ones who ever order it I’m sure, but it is a huge steak, and by huge I mean like 1 foot square. Then it has onions and such on top and a fried egg and it is served with homemade potato chips and salad. It is huge so we split three of them between six of us. That was the celebration for one of the elder´s birthday.

Everything is just fantastic here. Hope everything is good where all of you are at too. Love you all.

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