30 June 2009

Celebration on the Fourth of July!

I’m still here in Salta Capital in Soliz Pizarro with Elder Jara. Actually, there was only one change in the zone and it was a hermana missionary that had been in the area for 9 months. It looks like a new pattern that president is going to be leaving us in our areas for a much longer period of time. We will see though.

The baptism for this weekend is still on track. It looks like it is going to go through. We have lessons with him like every other day just to make sure he is prepared. It is kinda cool that he will be baptized on the 4th of July. Cross your fingers :)!

Gonzalo, the investigator from the other area is still doing good. He goes to church every week and is just waiting for his date to get married then the deal is sealed. He is super stoked for that day. We are having much more success with getting the members involved in the work. We carried out a way good activity last Saturday. We invited all the members and investigators to the church to watch church movies and made popcorn and had soda and all that jazz and it was way cool. Five investigators came and they all ended up crying after watching Testaments. I was super excited. And then in church we had two investigators and one that came right as the meetings ended.

This week was voting week in Argentina so it made it super difficult for many people to come because of the way the system works. That combined with Father’s Day the week before made it really difficult to get people to church but now I think we are free from holidays here for awhile which is nice. Missionaries’ don´t really like holidays! But yeah, things are way good.

Today we went shopping downtown for a little bit so we could print out photos and we ate there as well. I got myself a new tie and a new pair of pants. You can find really nice looking stuff here for a way good price if you know where to go. Things down here are good all in all. The swine flu is becoming a bigger worry. I think I am finally over my sickness whatever it was. Things are just same old same old down here, which is good. It means that nothing crazy is happening.

Let´s see…anything else that you could possibly want to know? I’m learning how to make some food, some of the typical stuff so that I can still make it when I get back. I have a ton of recipes and now it just comes down to figuring out how to do it all.... and figuring out what the names of some odd ingredients are in Spanish and in English.

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