02 June 2009

June 2, 2009

Things here are gong well. As for the baptisms, they are once again on hold. Partly because one of them was going to be on stake conference Sunday but we´d have to wait a week to confirm them and we don´t want to have to make him wait. We just dropped an investigator cause she just wouldn't follow through with her commitments and stopped progressing. We are still teaching various people though. Jose Gallardo, an 88 year old man is our most promising outlook for now. Then there is an investigator that we are teaching in a closed area who wants to get baptized super bad but has to get married first and the first date he could get to get married is the 24 of July. We are going to have a pioneer day party ;) I don´t understand why it takes so long but whatever, we´ll blame it on the siesta just like everything else.

We have the zone conference coming up in a couple days which will be fun. We´ll get to see President and the Hermana, (even though I see them every week.) It will be cool to learn some stuff from them. Umm what else? It is super cold here now. It was like 20 the other day, well not in the daytime but at night. But it was freezing. We have a gas fire in our pensh that I sleep close to when it is that cold.

Keep doing good stuff and always remember who you are and what you are here to be doing. Stay true to the commitments you have made and strive to be righteous in all that you do. The Lord has promised us all blessings based on our righteousness and cannot bless us if we make the decision not to be blessed. Keep it up and always stand strong in your convictions and smile at someone, you´ll make their day :)

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