23 June 2009

Everything here is going pretty well.

Well, I am doing better health wise as well. I’m almost over my cold and it has been a little bit warmer here lately so that is nice. Today we went to climb a hill called San Bernardo and took some cool pictures. Then after wards we went to McDonald's and had lunch (yes there is actually a McDonald's here) and walked around the mall that it is in for a little while.

Transfers are this weekend. We´ll see if I stay or if I go. (I doubt I am leaving my area.)

We dropped the old guy José Gallardo last week. Well, he actually dropped us cause of his daughter. But I think he´ll be alright. Alejandro and Monica FINALLY went to church with their daughter, Nicole, last week and they loved it. Things are looking good for them. We really got Alejandro hooked so hopefully now there won’t be any problems with them getting married. We committed him to the word of wisdom the other night and took all his cigarettes from him and took them back to the apartment and added them to the Word of Wisdom collection that we need to get rid of.

We have also been teaching a little kid named Lucas Miño. He is the son of a member but is 10 years old almost so we have to teach him in order for him to be baptized. There are a few others who are new or just not progressing, but those are the most promising. Oh, and Gonzalo Ttapia from the area that was closed….still waiting for him to get married. Lucas Miño has a date for the 4th of July. I thought that was pretty cool:) and we have no idea what is happening with Jimena, the daughter of the less active member. She just dropped off the radar. We have been doing good out here. My one pair of shoes is almost dead but I moved on to one of the others.

I finally made the cookies today. I haven't decided whether I want to cook them or just eat the dough though:)you know me. Well. I’m not dying of hunger and I haven´t been bitten by a dog lately so I must be doing pretty well.

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