10 June 2009

So things here are going pretty well, we have found a few more families that appear to be really good. We will just see how that all plays out. We are still teaching José Gallardo, the 88 year old man, and Jimena Nogales, the daughter of the less active member and Alejandro and Monica. They are all doing alright. Not progressing super well, but nonetheless we are still teaching hem so they must be doing alright. Everything here in Salta is good. We just had zone conference with another zone in the area. It was awesome.

Life as a missionary is good. There are the good parts and the bad but for the most part it is what you make it. If you wanna have a good day for the majority you can make it happen. But if you just want to mope around and not have any fun then that is definitely what´s gonna happen. I’ve been kind of sick for the past few weeks and haven´t eaten a whole lot but nonetheless, It has been some of the better days that we have had as far as the work goes. It really is all what you make it. You just have to keep yourself focused on the stuff that matters; work hard and fight the adversary harder than he is fighting you.

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