26 April 2010

Not much new

As for the work here, we are keeping on with the daily grind and trying to keep our investigators going strong. The biggest challenge is getting them all to church when we cannot be in both sets of meetings. And this week it seems like the branch president threw in the towel for sacrament meeting. When I called up a member to see if there were any investigators in church she said that there were a couple but that sacrament meeting only lasted about 25 minutes. The branch president spoke for a minute after the sacrament and then ended the meeting. I’m not sure what the reason behind that is, but I hope the investigators had a good experience. We had a good sacrament meeting in Simoca and we had a couple of good visits. The district president invited a couple of his friends to church and we were able to talk with one of them that came, but we won´t be able to teach her for a while. She has a lot of problems, mostly with her husband, and she is afraid that it will cause even more problems if she starts to take the discussions.

As for the rest of the week, it has been pretty good. Our apartment is kind of falling apart and since we have a contract and cannot find somewhere else to live, we have to live in a construction zone for the next couple of weeks. That will be interesting. It’s kind of creepy having people in your house while you’re not there, but I’m going to take all of my valuable stuff and put it in a suitcase and give it to one of the other elders to hang on to it.

As for everything else here, things are good. We had a super good zone conference and I feel better than ever after having a good chat with the mission president, he really is super awesome and gives really good counsel. There isn’t a whole lot to tell, just a peaceful week here in the mission. I wish you all the best in everything that you do and I will keep on praying for ya all.

Elder Jeff Rose

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