17 May 2010

Brrrr....It's getting cold!

Well as for the things here, yesterday they hit a little bit of a roadblock. They are still in motion but yesterday, it was raining in the morning and it had been raining all night long and when we got up for church on Sunday, the city was just dead. We left the apartment early to go pick up investigators for church and we didn’t have any luck. And the investigator who was supposed to get baptized this Saturday didn’t go either. So that was a bummer.

As for church though, it went well. Sacrament meeting was one of the better ones we have had. We had a couple visitors from the district and there was also a missionary who came back and gave her report in sacrament meeting. She is the sister of the branch president and a way good friend of one of the families that he has a problem with so maybe with her being back things will settle down just a little bit.

We ate lunch with the familia Orellana and afterwards we used their oven to make some stuff for the activity. I made banana bread and my comp made a white cake. They turned out rather well if I do say so myself. Ha-ha. The activity turned out good too. There were probably about 15 to 20 people there and we taught the lesson again and had refreshments and sat around and mingled for a little while. The home we did the activity in is of a member with a son who has a child with a girl who is not a member. They want us to work with them to get them married and see if she is willing to get baptized. So we will see how that turns out.

This last week was one of challenges, but it was good, cuz I learn a lot more from challenges than I do from the good times. As for me personally, I think I am improving in good ways. Still a lot of work to do and I still have the whole rest of my life ahead of me, but things are going well. I was reading a part of the book, "infinite atonement" today and there is a chapter called the blessing of repentance. It is super good. I encourage you all to read it if you would like to. One of the things that it says is that the principle of repentance isn’t just for sinners, but for the good and the great people in the world that want to be better. It is for all those who have not yet reached the point of perfection. So I think that includes all of us. That is what I have been thinking a lot about lately and wanted to share that with you. I love you all a ton and I look forward to hearing from you. Transfers are coming up in two weeks, so it’s time to put the bets in on where I’m going or if I’m staying. Talk to you all later. And take care.


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