25 May 2010

Things here are going well

The areas are progressing. The baptisms that we have for the future are still progressing as well. We are not sure if they will be able to be baptized this transfer because of issues with permission from the parents, but they will be baptized nonetheless.

These past couple of weeks have been good for my own progress as well since they have been somewhat difficult. Elder Castro and I had a good talk last night about what we can be doing better. We came to some good conclusions and we will be working on those things. We are growing together and the worries that I had at the beginning of my time with him are dispersing. I feel that we are progressing. There is still a ton more that we should be doing though. But all in all with where I am at I have been making some major progress. I know that it is thanks to your prayers and I ask you to continue praying for us that I can meet my goals and that we can have success. Any encouraging words and tidbits of wisdom are also helpful.

This week we were going to have zone conference but the president's wife is sick so they have canceled it. That is a bit of a bummer because conference is one of the things that we always look forward to the most. We'll get over it though :) haha. This p-day was pretty cool. We played soccer in one of the other areas with some of their members and a couple of investigators. It was super fun. I love you all a ton and I have you in my prayers and I wish you all luck in whatever you are taking on at the moment. Talk to you next week.

Elder Rose

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