01 June 2010

New Companion

Hey Everyone!

How are all of you guys doing? I hope you’re spectacular. I am doing well. Yesterday after church in Simoca we had a baptism of a girl named Loudres Medina. It was really cool. She’s nine years old and she was kind of freaking out a bit because she was afraid of the water. It didn’t help that there was no hot water and it was a cold winterish day, but it all turned out well. We had a lot of help from the branch and had a good time. So the baptism was way cool and the confirmation will be next week.

We lingered around a little bit so that Elder Castro could say goodbye to some people since he was the one that received his transfer this time. He is off to Salta in an area called La Loma. He will be living in the same apartment I lived in when I was in my second area. That will be cool for him. My new companion is Elder Barraza, also from Santiago de Chile with the same time in the mission as Elder Castro. He is a cool kid. He speaks super duper fast but I’ll get used to that.

So today will be a busy p-day. We have spent the whole day so far in the terminal and when we finish writing I think we will be heading back to our area. Today in the terminal I got to see some people I haven’t seen for a long time. I saw Elder Wade again and he brought me a letter from Rodrigo, our convert. I saw some old missionaries that I haven’t seen in more than a year, it was really fun.

We have found some really cool people this past week that I hope will really have the opportunity to progress. We found one single mom of three kids and then another family of four and then we have a couple of other opportunities to teach some people that we have been working with for a while. Things seem like they will all be going good. It’s a bit of a new beginning with a new comp and I hope that we can get some stuff done, get down to business and just work super hard. As for that, that is pretty much all, everything here is normal. This transfer we are planning on doing some cool activities.

I love you all a ton. Talk to you next week.

Elder Rose

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