21 June 2010

Things here are really good

Yesterday was an absolutely spectacular day. It all started bright and early at 6 am. We got up earlier to go and pick up some investigators in order to travel to the district conference. We picked up 3 members of one family, one from another and another met us at the church. We were all ready to go and waiting for the bus, which never showed up. It seems that Father’s Day got to the driver and he slept in a little bit. Anyways, we ended up having to turn around centro to find another way to travel. In the end we had one car from a member, a van and two taxis, and we ended up missing the first session but the second session was wayyyyyy good. President Northcutt was there along with Elder Avila who is a seventy from Uruguay or Paraguay. It was way good and our investigators enjoyed it and so did we. That was more investigators than we have had in church for a long time in this area. Also, the names of two of my converts from Simoca were presented to be ordained elders so that was really really cool too. Things seem to be going better.

This week we also ended with better numbers than we have in a while. We met all the goals for the mission this week and it was just an all in all way good week. Elder Barraza and I are doing good and enjoying the work we are doing. We had a cool cita [appointment] with an old investigator I have probably commented to you about before. His name is Angel and he was once upon a time an altar assistant in the Catholic Church. He has read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover and says he hasn’t received an answer. He was at the conference on Sunday and I hope he will have understood something more about how he can receive an answer. We went to his house the other day and talked about completely giving into the Lord and we felt impressed to talk about all of the catholic images he has in his house. We asked if he would be willing to give all of that up to know the truth and talked about the father of King Lamoni. He said yes so we went to a nearby store to ask for a couple of boxes and loaded up all the saints and statues and such and took them from him. He said we could come back this week to see if he has received an answer. I really hope he does because if not I don’t know what else we could possibly do to help him. So all in all things are good.

We are staying in Monteros more lately, not a whole lot of travel to Simoca. Other cool experiences, in the conference President Northcutt passed us a reference for a man he had talked to while he was doing interviews in Simoca. Those converts had the opportunity to talk with Elder Avila about the Melkezidek priesthood and all that so that was cool. My comp and I also had the opportunity to give a blessing along with President Northcutt. That was a very cool experience. So things are well. I hope all is going really well for all of you. Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there, especially my dad and Mike and Shawn and Peter. I love you all a ton. Talk to you all later. :D !

Elder Jeff Rose

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