07 June 2010

One More Week and Way Too Much Excitement

Everything here with me is going just spectacular :) This last week we had a baptism and on Sunday we were able to get her confirmed. That was where all the excitement came in. We went to Simoca early to be there for church and while we were starting the meeting the cell phone rang a few times. I didn’t bother to look at it until the confirmation was over because there was no way to call back or anything. After the confirmation turns out that I checked to see who it was and it was the number of the branch president’s office in Monteros. So I called back and the branch president asked us to come to Monteros to preside in the meeting because he had to go to work. That was fun. So we took a remis back to Monteros and I had my first experience with presiding over Sunday meetings. Luckily it was fast and testimony meeting so I didn’t have to wing it with talks or anything, but it all went rather smoothly. Luckily a family invited us to eat lunch with them since the lunch we would have had in Simoca was an hour away and it would have been hard to get there and back and not waste a ton of time. So anyway, it was a fun day.

There is an ex-missionary that served in the mission that was here yesterday because apparently he is getting married to a girl from the branch, haha; kind of weird right? Anyway, so yeah that was a fun day.

This past week Elder Barraza and I have been hitting it hard, working 100 percent and trying to get things going once again. My comp is a stud, he is a way better missionary than I am and I am glad to have him. I’ll try and get some pictures to you from some of our recent adventures. We have a blast together and I hope I get to be with him for at least one more transfer after this one.

Things in the branches are going well and I have been learning a ton about how the church should run and a lot of the little things like the unwritten rules and such through all the experiences that we have been having. Speaking of which, I believe that in the package I mailed home right before I left the MTC I put a talk in there that was called "the unwritten order of things". If you could find a digital copy of that and email it to me or make a photocopy and mail it or something of the sort that would be spectacular. I just would like a copy of it because it is way good.

As for the investigators that we have of the moment, they are in that first stage of seeing what happens for the most part. We have one investigator in Simoca that is doing well but his family is separated and travels a lot so it is difficult for him to go to church sometimes. We are working with a lot of less active families to get them activated since these branches really need their help, especially priesthood holders. So that’s what we are up to lately. Taking the approach from all sides and trying our dandiest to get things moving. If you all have any suggestions or comments, they are very invited. I love you all and I hope that you are doing awesome. Take care and don’t forget to try to be perfect. :)

ha-ha, dad, thanks a ton for always reminding me to smile, it really came in handy yesterday while directing the meetings. It was kind of stressful and I tried to keep smiling the whole time and it really helped out. Now I understand why there was a bit of a struggle with the smile while you were bishop and I don’t blame you at all. I was only there for a couple hours and I got a taste of it :) I love you.

Elder Rose

p.s. Could you tell Brother Heath thank you for the letters that he has been sending and I would absolutely love it if he keeps sending them. If it is too expensive to mail them tell him he can email them too me since they are already typed up.

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