12 July 2010

Transfer to Tucuman

Things here are great. The first question that I am sure you are all wondering is what happened for transfers. It hit me this time, breaking the 6 months in an area tradition. I left Monteros today for Tucuman Capital. I am now in an area in the big city :) called Universitario. It is right next to the university in central Tucumán. My comp’s name is Elder Carter. He’s a stud. We met up this morning and took my stuff to the apartment (it was an easy transfer and we had a member take us up there and then bring the new missionary back.) He seems really cool. We also live with two other elders from another area who according to my comp aren’t the most obedient elders so that will be a fun experience trying to help them to work things out.

This last transfer ended really well. We weren’t able to have the baptisms we had planned for this last week, but I am close to my old area and they said they were going to invite me if I could get permission to travel down there. But apart from that we worked way hard and have had better numbers and better results than ever in my mission. It seems like just as soon as you’ve got things figured out it is time for you to go. But it’s going to be great being here.

I like being in the city a lot and I am back in a ward and a stake so that will be a good experience hopefully to have more support from the members. I’ll miss them though. Last night the members invited me over to one of their homes and they did a little farewell for me. It was way special. They all took turns saying some things about me and expressing their feeling and all that mushy stuff. One of my comps filmed it so I have a really cool memory from that area. Oh yeah, that was the other thing. When I say one of my comps it is because we were in a trio for the last couple of weeks. That was a blast. The other elder is Elder Fuentes who is soo cool. Such a stud. He is also from Chile, from Concepcion where the earthquake hit the hardest; his family is all good though.

Today when we were in the terminal doing transfers I got to see both of the elders I trained (they are both in Tucumán now) and some other elders I haven’t seen in a long time. One is off to home now so it was way cool to get to say goodbye to him. In the future I might have to send you some emails to send on to some people since I cannot write them directly.

I was thinking about the trip today since now I am probably in my last area and here’s my thoughts; you´ll fly into Salta. We can drive to Jujuy (3 hour trip) and visit, then return to Salta, then south to Tucumán (4 hours) and then fly out of Tucumán for bs as. Or we can visit in Tucumán first, then to Salta then to Jujuy and fly out of Jujuy. There are airports in all three provinces, I don’t know what kind of flights they have, but you can check that all out with the mission and such. My area in the north of Salta would be cool to visit but it is such a long trip that I don’t think it would be worth it unless you also wanted to visit Bolivia while you’re here and then we can change the plans. welp... just wanted to let you know that I am happy and I am in good health, I’m in my new area and I will send you pictures of me and my comp soon. Talk to you all later. I love you a ton, take care.

Elder Jeff Rose

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