26 July 2010

July 26, 2010

Hey everybody!!

This is going to be a short one, money is a little tight right now at the end of the month and I don’t want to spend too much on the computer :) I’m learning to be frugal ha-ha. Anyway, things here in the area are going well. The ward is a little bit stronger than the last by just a bit. There are about 60 that attend and there are people with callings so that is spectacular. The ward works rather well; at least there are programs and things for the different organizations. The area in and of itself is rather tiny. It is about 20 blocks by 15 blocks. It is in the capital but right on the edge so it isn’t quite a big city. We have everything close though. It is nice being not so far away from everyone else for a change. It has been really really cold lately, it snowed, but it is starting to warm up now. We are fixing this area again. The last elder that left messed some stuff up, but it seems like with the change we are gaining a bit of confidence back from the stake. In the building we meet in there is our ward and two branches. This last week was a bit slow because my comp was sick so I was hanging out with him and taking care of him. The work is going pretty well, sorting through the people that were being taught to see who is going to keep going and finding fresh meat. We have found a couple of really cool people through knocking doors, visiting less active members and references. I really enjoy working with Elder Carter. He speaks Spanish which is fantastic, I really don’t have to correct him much, and he is a good teacher. We get along fantastic. Today was a fun p-day, we went and played soccer and ate lunch with the zone. Well, that is pretty much all. I am doing well. Kind of scared that the time is getting short, but it is still a ways off. Well... talk to you all later, love you

Elder Rose

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