03 August 2010

Don't you love p-days!

I’m back and now I can write you a nice normal length letter! Because now I have money. I was waiting on a reimbursement from the mission for things I bought for the mission and I finally got it so now I am good :) no worries. First, of all for the parents. A couple questions. Is there anything that you would like to see while you are here? For example, there is huahuaca, then you are close to Bolivia, there are waterfalls, scenic routes, statues, plazas, churches, and all that stuff of the like. If you want to see anything like that, let me know. Other than that I am still trying to figure out where and when. It is rather brain wracking.... ha-ha.

Things are going good here. We had a super fun p-day today. We and another companionship of elders went to a big Christ statue with our ward mission leader and did a cool tour with him. He is a taxi driver so he led us around. Way cool. I have some cool photos. I took time to write letters to some of the people that I can't write emails and sent them so they should be getting letters soon. I sent them in the pouch so I think that they should be there in about 2 or three weeks.

Things in the area are going well. We are sorting through the difficulties, finding the gems and holding on to the good stuff, or at least trying to. We have been having some way good experiences and are pleased with the work that we are doing. I take comfort in the fact that we can still feel the spirit and that we are guided by the spirit in what we do. I was sick on Saturday so I spent some time meditating the backs of my eyelids and when I wasn’t doing that I read some talks with Elder Carter and then put myself to studying my patriarchal blessing. I realized once again how much of a blessing that this has been for me in my life. I also talked with Elder Carter for a bit about old memories of family and friends and such and I want to tell each and every one of you personally (or as personal as an email can get) how much I love and appreciate you. :) I love you so much, it really means a ton to me that you are in my life and I appreciate you in so many ways. Thanks for everything :) you’re super special.

So anyway, things with me are going good. I have been working hard and I am happy about the things that we have gotten done here in just 3 weeks. It has been a way good experience. I would love to stay here and finish out in this area with Elder Carter, but you know how that works, just when you think you like something the carpet gets pulled out from under you. But better things follow so I take comfort in that. As for investigators, we have some good ones. One way good one in particular. Her name is Paola. She was a reference from a member of another ward. Her husband was really abusive and she has separated from him. Recently she was operated on for a cyst. She told us that before she went in for the operation she prayed and she felt so good. She also told us how her family has been anything but supportive but that she has pretty much told them that she feels the spirit when we talk to her and that she wants to be part of the church. It would be spectacular if she were to be baptized. The one thing that lacks is just a little more initiative on the part of the ward. But those things we have gotten over before and we can get over them again. We are progressing, our investigators are getting there. We are helping the other elders we live with and the members seem to be gaining confidence little by little. We have had some really cool experiences with some of the members lately so that is helpful. I love you all a ton. Know that I love you. Take care and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. :)

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