16 August 2010

Hey Everyone!

How’s it going for all of you out there? I hope everything is going spectacularly. Things here are going well. We are still working hard and getting worked on pretty hard as well. I think Carter and I are finally getting over our colds and will try not to get each other sick again.

We had interviews with President Northcutt this week and that went really well. Transfers are coming up again really quickly, can you believe it? One more week and then we will be in the second to last transfer. I am super excited and I hope I stay with Carter one more transfer. In fact, I would love to finish my mission with him. He is such a way cool kid.

Anyway, things are going well in the area. We are still going along with some of our investigators, others we have let go, and we are finding new ones. We are actually teaching a pretty cool lady right now who just got separated from her boyfriend. Kind of a weird story, but she is now trying to make her life alone with her and her two girls and her family members are trying to help her out a bit. We are going to go over to her house and help her actually build part of her house or cut up some trees or something like that on Wednesday so that will be cool. Slow progress, sometimes it is frustrating but we have seen and are seeing the fruits of our work so we are happy. I wouldn’t say satisfied, because I don’t think I will ever be satisfied while there is still more work to be done, but it is a good feeling knowing that you’ve put a good dent in it.

As for me I am doing well. I’m getting over my cold. I don’t have any injuries, I think my shoes will hold out till the end and I am surviving the members and investigators hospitality (which always includes hot chocolate during cold weather). I got a little sick last night from that, but things are good considering. Oh, if there is anything that you want me to figure out before you guys get here, let me know. Any little thing just let me know. I’ve still got the schedule working itself out as far as when to travel and all that. Also, I heard that you can fly straight from Salta to Iguazu, so I don’t know if that would be an option you would look at, but who knows. And what was the plan when we fly back? We´d get to Cali, be there a few weeks, then to So Cal and then off to BYU? Also, I was wondering if you can pull an application for the MTC or if I have to do that in person? And what do you know about my classes? Have you picked them yet or any of that? Just checking up on that. Grandma and Grandpa Scott and Rose doing? I haven´t heard much from them for a while. I wish you all the best of luck and I love you a ton. If you have any recent pictures from cool trips or family pics or anything like that, let me know. I would love to see them. Well, I guess that is all for now. Here are some pics that I thought I’d send over to you guys. Love you all. Take care. I’m thinkin aboutcha :)
Elder Jeff Rose

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