23 August 2010

New Companion

Hey everybody back home... how are things going today? Well, here we are starting to feel a little bit of the summer weather. Technically it is still winter, not even spring, but it is about 30 outside (Celsius). Today was transfers. We had some changes today. Elder Carter has left me, he is now in Jujuy near where I was at about 6 months ago and has gone up to senior companion and is a district leader. I will be training again so for now I am hanging out with the other two elders I live with. One of them changed as well. I now am living with one of the other elders that goes home with me so that will make things interesting. I don’t know him too well but we have two areas in common so that will make for some interesting conversation.

So here starts the countdown for the second to last transfer. I hope you aren’t counting down the days yet because I am not. I like it here in this area. We have found more cool people recently so we will continue the battle with them of reading, praying, going to church and all that good important stuff. And now is the chance to put in your bets. Will my new child in the mission be Latino or gringo and where will he be from?? ooooo. .. The suspense. I don’t think I will find out until Wednesday or Thursday. Oh yeah, and I am going to be district leader again this transfer. That´s another fun responsibility. Plenty of chance to learn a lot of new things.

There isn’t a whole lot to tell, but I’ll see what I can fill you all in on. This last week we did a training session for the priesthood holders of our ward. It was fun. Elder carter and I taught the lesson and then they went out and tried to get a kick start on their home teaching for the month and we went to visit some folks and say goodbye to some people for Carter. I hear it turned out really good. We are planning an activity for the 3rd of September to boost up the ward mission effort and get some references from some members.

This morning at 4 a.m. I had to get up and drop off an elder at the terminal because he is headed home. That was fun so needless to say I am a bit tired right now. Then we bounced back and forth between the terminal several times picking people up and dropping them off. Luckily we had a lot of help from our ward mission leader who is a taxi driver. He did several of the trips for us. The work is going well. Pushing forward, trying to try new things and see what works, and trying to make things work. I have been realizing lately that there are some really really cool members in our ward; you just have to know how to use them. I learned a ton from Elder Carter and I was sad to see him go. So my hope of getting to finish up with him was cut rather short, but it is all for the best because I know that the president seeks revelation for us to know what will make things go the best. I hope you all understand that I love this work and that you know that I am doing well and I love you all a ton. Take care.

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