30 August 2010

Certified Argentine Citizen!

Things out here are going well. So the new news for this transfer is that I am still in my area (Universitario) and I am training a new elder (Picture attached) named Elder Graham. I am also district leader again with a district of 5 areas. So this transfer just has fun written all over it. Things will be cool getting to go to the trainings and doing all of the interviews and all of that.

My comp is from Kansas (I already told him that he is not in Kansas anymore) he’s a good kid. He has a bit of trouble listening (in English and Spanish) but he understands the language pretty well and speaks a bit so that makes things nice because he can participate in the lessons and it becomes a team effort.

Elder Graham

Things in the area are good. We are still working with the people that we have found and we found a really cool guy on Saturday. He went to church on Sunday and he seems pretty excited about learning more.

Oh!! Other bit of exciting news. I had my first taste of a small part of Argentine culture on Saturday afternoon after lunch. My companion and I were walking back from lunch and a guy runs up behind me and shoves his hand in my pocket and makes off with 10 pesos. He didn’t get away that easily though. I think while he put his hand in my pocket and I went to grab his wrist, my comp grabbed him and one of us threw a well-placed elbow and got him in the nose. Another guy who saw what happened came up and asked what he took and offered to chase him down on his moto. In the end, all he got was 10 pesos and a sweaty handkerchief, so I think he was a little disappointed with how it all turned out. Nothing happened to either of us though and it all lasted less than 30 seconds probably. So don’t worry about me, I am now a certified Argentine citizen. Things here all in all are good. We are trying to work as hard as we can. I love you all a ton. Thanks for all your prayers on my behalf. I love you all a ton. Keep looking out. Till next time.
Elder Rose

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