06 September 2010

Summer time is HERE, and it's all over the place.

Well, here it is feeling like the first days of summer, a nice temperate 80 degrees or so, nice and sunny and things are looking good. This week has been a pretty good one. We have found new people to teach and are having success teaching some of them. The experiences of late have taught me a lot and have reminded me of things that I knew before that I had forgotten. Today, or as soon as I finish writing my email to you guys, we have a family home evening activity with an investigator. She is struggling to get married, her boyfriend doesn’t really want to, but we are going to try and help her out with that, see if we can talk to him and get them to get hitched :). She has been investigating the church for a long time, so hopefully this is the time. We have a really cool guy we are teaching named Sebastian. He is 26. At first he didn’t really want to listen to us but thanks to a member we had with us when we found him, he listened to us and came to church. He has been once, now we need to teach him about all of the commandments and get him stoked about that stuff.

This time around as district leader has been a really cool opportunity so far. We have a really great district of really hard workers and we have been hitting almost all the goals and the baptisms are coming, slowly but surely they are coming. We have some cool opportunities here soon. Elder Bradley Foster of the seventy is coming to do a conference on Thursday. Those are always really cool meetings. Kind of nerve bending too cause I have a meeting with him and president and the other leaders of the mission beforehand. The theme I believe is going to be working with the members since they asked us to read chapter 13 of Preach My Gospel beforehand. So yeah... then we have the zone conference in a few weeks, general conference, and assorted divisions with the elders of my district, a leadership conference with president and other assorted funness. ha-ha. So things are just going to go slipping by pretty fast.

It was great to hear from all of you this week and hear about how things are going. Thanks for the pictures :). Mike, you’ll have to start training up so we can see if you can finally out climb me when I get home :) ha-ha. Just kidding. And Diane definitely is rather pregnant. Thanks for that pic too. A couple of questions. Are there any cool things that you would like me to start looking for for you guys so that I can get to buying cool souvenirs? Anything you can think of or just a general idea. I want suggestions from all of you. Also I was wondering how much time we are going to have between the 18 of November and the vacation in December. I was thinking about trying to go back to In-n-Out for a couple weeks if they’d take me back. But anyway, just thoughts. Oh, and Drew Wilde should be home this week. Have him send me an e-mail about what his thoughts are for school. I love you guys a ton. You all made my day today! Talk to you next week!

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