13 September 2010

Cumple Mes

So.... yesterday was me and Elder Donaldson's 22 month mark, and the day before was September 11th, that was weird to think it has been so long since that day. Elder Donaldson is an elder from my group who is living with us. We end at the same time so that should be funny when we leave. I think we are going to leave a ton of stuff that we have accumulated over these two years. I was thinking about bringing some of it back with mom and dad but since they aren’t coming (and honestly I don´t think I need half the stuff anyway), there will be some lucky elders who get some cool stuff for free:). So now I am the last one standing I guess. Everyone else is home and now you’re just waiting on me. Don’t you worry, I’ll be there soon:).

Last night I had my first trunky dream in a long time, I dreamt that I got home and we went to Costco and bought a ton of my favorite foods and then we ran into a member there and I had to go do a baptismal interview. Apparently it’s not going to be so easy to leave this place and this work. But I don’t have to think about that for a while anyway.

So this last Sunday was good. We have a really cool really really cool investigator. I think I mentioned him. His name is Sebastian and we are trying to help him stop smoking right now. Pray for him please.

The visit we received from Elder Foster of the seventy was waaaaaaay good. He talked about the problems with the church in Argentina and especially in the mission and said something very good. He said that we cannot let the culture of the place change the laws of the church. God has his laws and his way of running the church and those laws must be enforced and the things will run His way or those who impede this labor will answer for it. It was rather strong but I think he kicked things into gear here. He spoke with us. Then on Sunday he spoke with all of the stake presidents and they should, in turn, speak with bishops and all that and that will be fantastic.

Our ward had ward council meeting for the first time in years, we have a new renewed desire from some to do the work, so now we just have to be able to retain that desire and make things work. It was a cool opportunity to talk to Elder Foster with President Northcutt and just the leaders here in Tucuman. There were only about 15 of us and he asked us what we felt and asked us to ask him whatever questions we desired. What a cool opportunity, right? They are really special people. You know what I was thinking; I think we lose that eternal perspective way too easily. One day we are excited and happy and the next we are moping around about how the world is against us; but it isn’t that way. Attitude determines altitude right? It also determines your salvation. If you are happy, you will love the Lord. If you love him, you will obey him, if you do that, you will gain your salvation, and in that process you can influence many others to gain theirs as well. I love you all a ton. I realize that by writing just one email, it is difficult sometimes to know what is directed to whom, but just know this. I love you all and those things that you think are directed to you, they are:). Love ya. Oh and I think I have started saying words with weird accents, hope you like it:). haha. Till next week, love you all a ton.
Elder Rose

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