15 November 2010

Last of the Last!

Hey Everyone---
Well, here goes. The last of the last. The last time you will have to hear from me not in person for a while. The last time I will write you from the other side of the planet for a while... or ever. The last time I will have to miss you while I am writing you. This really is an emotional experience. Today was fun. We got up way early and hit the bus terminal at 5 a.m. We got to Salta at 9:30 a.m. and Rodrigo Copas was waiting there for me and Elder Donaldson with the other missionaries. We passed the day with Rodrigo, me, Donaldson, Fuentes and Shuman, and some other missionaries, all of which were in Perico and we all know Rodrigo. I really felt good having people around to share the day with and keep myself busy, otherwise it would probably have been a rough ride. Saying goodbye was also pretty rough, not something that I like to do by any means, but you know, what can you do. Right now I am sitting here waiting to have my last interview with President Northcuttt, get my temple recommend and all that and then we will hang out for a bit until the nighttime when we have a dinner with the president and the hermana. It was a good ride, the last two years. Good times among people I love and grew to love. That is by far the best lesson that I have learned on the mission. Love for the people and love for my Savior. As for when I get home. I don’t know what to do. I have lots of questions. For example; when will I get released, what are we doing. What are the travel plans? All that. For know I will answer your questions. First of all, what do I want to eat when I get home? Good question. Let’s start with desert. I will leave the choice up to you. Either cherry pie or striped delight. As for the food...... ooooooooooooo... so many good choices. I got it. lasagna... that would be really good. Kind of an odd combo, but call me crazy. I will also be needing some new garments pretty soon I think I only have 3 pairs left. I have a lot of stuff I wanna do and think I want to talk about but my mind is too messed up at the moment to figure that out. I’ll sleep a bit then try to put it into words. :) Love you guys a ton! Take care. See you soon. Smile.

Elder Rose
... for the last time.

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