01 September 2009

All is Great!

Hey Y´all.

Fantastic to hear from you this week. Thanks for the emails and not forgetting about me :) I am glad to hear that all is going well. Things here are going good. They have slowed down a little bit lately but they are more consistent I guess. It has definitely been getting hotter here lately. This past weekend was the weekend of the Santa Rosa, which they say is always when the weather changes. It is kind of like Groundhog's Day in the states. If it is cold on the day of Santa Rosa, it's gonna be cold for a while and vice versa. And guess what! It was about a hundred degrees yesterday so I guess that means that it´s gonna be hot. It has been pretty hot but I like it.

I got my haircut today and we ran into the mission president in the barber shop. It was actually kind of funny because the guy cut my hair super super short. Luckily president went right before I did and he didn't get to see the hack job. The mission president is a really cool guy and way smart. I am glad to have him around. So today was good. We did our studying and all that in the morning and then we went out to get our hair cut, ate lunch at McDonald's :) a little taste of America. And then we went to centro and I bought a couple of jerseys from some of the teams around here. Oh and I also took two of my pairs of shoes in to be resoled and fixed up. I'm on my third pair of shoes already... we´ll see what happens, I will be alright, I think I will just have to get them resoled every so often. But yeah. On that note, if there are any soccer jerseys or anything like that that you would like, or any sort of souvenirs you would like tell me now while I am in a big city cause I will probably be leaving in a couple of weeks. Okay!

So the question about holidays and festivities unique to Argentina. The thing that you have to understand is that the people of Argentina live to party and sleep the siesta. There is a special holiday for some saint or virgin about twice a week and when there isn't a holiday; they usually find a reason to party anyway. That is one thing that they've got on us, they definitely know how to party. This whole month that is coming up starting on the 15th or something like that is the "Month of Miracles" so that means that it is a month of people being permanently in party mode. It is enjoyable as long as you know how to steer clear of the drunks and all that stuff.

This past week went pretty well. We had the zone conference on Friday so that was a whole day and then all the stuff that went on that my comp and I had to do to organize since he is zone leader. We didn't have the baptism but she is still on track and went to church and all that. The mom also went to church again so that was cool. We are working with Rocío for this weekend if possible. Then Jimena Nogales we have started teaching again and her dad who is a less active has been coming back to church. Gonzalo still isn't married. And Isabel is still trying to figure out what she wants to do. We did divisions yesterday and we resurrected a couple old investigators. Pilar, the lady who almost got baptized is listening to us again. Along with a young couple who never really progressed but we wanted to give them another chance. We went around looking for old people that other missionaries before us had taught also, and we found a couple of people that still live at the same addresses and we will see what happens. I will also have to meet the new investigators that Elder Marsden found on his division as well, so I am happy about that.

Things really are going well here. I can´t really complain about anything. I would send you a picture of my haircut but you would probably laugh so I better not. It may just be the shortest I have ever had it cut. EVER! I am doing well. I am enjoying the work and I am gaining the confidence and abilities that I feel I need to be able to have success. The young kid, Gustavo, we baptized got the priesthood last week so that was super exciting. It is cool to see that sort of thing happen because sometimes you don't really realize the extent of the change the gospel can have in someone´s life. I keep learning and trying to remember everything that I learn every day. I´m super stoked to hear that you are all doing great. Thank you for bringing blessings to my life by praying for the Lord´s work and praying for me. Enjoy the blessings of the gospel that you have and make sure that you share them with others. I Love you. Take care and I will be thinking of you all the time so don´t even worry about that.

Be Good and Learn Stuff
Elder Jeff Rose

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