24 September 2009

Have you ever fallen asleep standing up?

Things here are going pretty good. The work is going alright. Like I said I am in a new area now. Last transfer with Elder Marsden and everyone there was super good and just flew by. Now I am in a different province, Jujuy, and I am in a little city called Perico. It is a little bit bigger than Pocitos, my first area was, but still a little town.

So the transfer went well; I got here all good and everything. My new comp is Elder Gamarra, he’s Peruvian. He is a cool enough kid. Perico so far is a nice place. It is cooler here which is going to be nice for the summer and it also rains a lot but that isn’t saying much considering we are in a drought. The rainy season should have already hit so it should be starting any day now. We live in a nice apartment. I’ve been lucky ever since Pocitos to have a pretty nice place to live. Of the people that I have met here, they are great people. It is always a little frustrating getting to a new area and not knowing your way around and having to depend completely on your comp, but it teaches you a little bit of humility among other things.

The first night was interesting. There was a newer elder who got transferred and got off in the wrong city so we had to go get him and take him to his area. In my zone there are a couple of elders that I have gotten to know before. Elder Vidal who I lived with in Salta is in my zone and I recently met Elder Willeitner who is from Utah and I met him once before. He is a big rock climber too so we met once in the gym. He´s a cool kid and it is cool to have someone to connect with. Today we had our district meeting and I decided we need to find a better way of getting there instead of waiting for the "sometimes it comes, sometimes it doesn't" bus for 4 hours. That is where the subject line comes from. I actually managed to fall asleep standing up on the bus today, luckily I have good reflexes even when I am sleeping and I didn't quite manage to fall over.

I have been getting to know some of the old investigators that were left from last transfer. There aren't very many of them. I’m thinking I want to focus on knocking a lot of doors in the next couple of weeks so that we have a good group of people that we can teach throughout a good period of time.

I’ve been getting over a little cold that I have had since about two weeks ago. I am almost all the way healthy again. Everything is going well.

Everything is going well here. I am going to ask all of you a favor though for at least this transfer. My comp doesn´t really like writing his family a whole lot, I don´t know why. But anyway, he likes going to write emails really early in the day on Tuesdays to get it over with. So here´s the favor… could you write your emails to me either early early on Tuesday or on Monday so that I can get them for sure if we go pretty early on Tuesdays for p-day, that would be super cool. I would hate not to hear from you.

Oh and the last update from Salta. The baptisms that we were hoping for in Salta didn’t go through. There were a lot of things that happened and then people just got lazy so they just kind of got put on the back burner until they decide what they want to do. It´s sad when that happens but every once in a while they get so close yet they just can´t take that last little step to get there. Elder Marsden and Elder Dommer are working hard there though so I have faith that if the investigators want to progress they will have all of the help that they need.

Everything here is super nice though. Just moving along and going through that awkward new area, new companion at the same time phase... I Love you all. Thanks for the very many things that you do for me. Take care, send pictures and think of me.
Elder Jeff Rose

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