29 September 2009

Greetings from a Frozen Summer.... brrrrrrrrrrrr...

So everything here in Perico is going just dandy. It is cold again..........., need I say more? We had about a week and a half of summer and now it has dropped almost to freezing temperatures again. Pleasant, no? haha. I’m finding my way around slowly but surely. My comp has three transfers here and you would think that he would know his way around pretty good by now but he still gets lost a lot. So it is a good reason for me to learn right? This is his 4th transfer here so probably his last.

The ward here is good. There were aver 100 people in sacrament meeting because it was ward conference this past Sunday, so that was cool. The elder’s quorum is way cool and there is finally someone that plays piano (and there is a piano... haha) so it is nice. The bishop is a stud. He is involved in the work and we have quite a few people who are willing to help us, so that is good. I think things will be going well here in a little bit. The area seems like it didn't get worked very hard the last few transfers, but we´ll get that all turned around and fixed up here pretty soon.

I'm excited for General Conference and all the good stuff that is going on here in the near future. Sorry this entry is kind of short; they might be that way while I am with my comp. I love you all. I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and I wish the best in all your endeavors in life. Take care. Love you all. SMILE.
Elder Rose

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