06 October 2009

Good times.... yep, they were good!

Hey clan!

How is everything going for you all there in the states? Hope things are going great. I think the weather here finally decided to turn to summer; it has been pretty hot these past couple of days. Thank you all for your letters, To the Jensen and McGarry families a huge hug and thanks for your support. Today was a pretty good day, (we´ll start with today and go backwards.) it was P-day and we did an activity with three zones here in the mission so all of the missionaries in the province of Jujuy came and we played a soccer championship, not much of a championship since we only formed three teams but it was super fun. After that me and Elder Gamarra went and ate pizza with a couple of elders and the sister missionaries. It was a good time and now I am here writing you guys :).

Yesterday was a normal day of work; we taught some good lessons and visited some cool people. It started to sprinkle for about 5 seconds, but then it just shot lighting about 50 miles away and Perico remains a dry state :). It has been pretty hot, up in the 90s at least. Saturday and Sunday were fabulous. We were able to go to conference for all of the sessions. We live about 40 minute away form the stake center so we took a bus up on Saturday morning (the sessions here are at 1, 5 and 9 for priesthood) and stayed the night in the missionaries apartment that live close. It was way good. I enjoyed several of the talks that stood out to me. Elder Holland’s talk was AMAZING. Then there was another one that went by so fast and I was trying to write down all the stuff that occurred to me but I didn’t have the chance and then one more I put a star next to in my journal but I cannot remember which one it was.

We had one investigator come to the Sunday sessions. I got to tell you this story. So we had talked to this one lady who said to come by her house and we passed by and said she didn't have time. So we passed by again and talked to her daughter who said she wasn’t there and then we passed by again and found her son Ricardo. First you must understand that we normally don´t pass by people that many times when they don´t give us the time of day) so we talked to Ricardo. We sat in front of his house on the curb which is also out of the norm. We taught the restoration lesson but more answered a lot of his questions we asked him to read the Book of Mormon and pray and go to conference and be baptized. And he said yes! I didn’t get my hopes up too much though because we get that a lot. But then he came to conference and asked us to come by every day that we could. That got me pretty stoked and I was way happy to be able to teach him. We talked during conference and he as really loving it. The members just befriended him so fast too.

Before I got here there had been a few baptisms, and it is known to be a fairly highly baptizing area, but one thing that I have learned in the mission is that statistics don´t matter at all. If an elder goes into an area with faith that the lord will lead him to those who are ready to be baptized, anything is possible. I’ve learned so many good lessons in the mission, perhaps too many of them the hard way but I learned them and that is what matters. so here I am in Perico Jujuy, with good members, good leaders and I am committed to do all that is in my power and I know that the Lord will help me if he calls on me to do something out of my power. I love this work; just the little things that happen that make you smile from ear to ear. I’ll be looking out for the opportunities that the Lord gives me to teach and I expect all of you guys to do the same. ¿aight chicos? Love you with all my heart.
Take care of things for me.


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