13 October 2009

All is Well!

I hit 11 months in the mission yesterday; there is a milestone for you. Ha-ha. It was just a normal day. Things here are going well. This last week we had zone conference and so we had our interviews with President Northcutt and all that good stuff. It was way good. I learned some cool stuff and had a good time. Everything is going good. Then this Sunday was fast meeting since we had conference last week, I believe that is the same for all of us right?

So for the investigator situation…. We have one investigator that if he continues strong, he is on the track to be baptized at the end of this transfer. His name is Ricardo Tolaba and he is a stud. He is the kid we talked to out on his front step a couple weeks back. Then we found a pretty cool family, well a mom and a daughter at least. They lived in Cordoba before and were listening to the missionaries. Her mom recently died and so she is here for awhile and we knocked on her door yesterday and they received us and accepted a baptismal date for the beginning of November along with her daughter. Lourdes Mamani is also progressing pretty well. We had a lesson with her yesterday and she was saying how she read but didn't understand some things. So we started talking about prayer and how it helps us with the things that we don't understand and her eyes lit up and she said "so what you're saying is that if I have a question about something I can get on my knees and ask God and he will answer me?" I almost jumped for joy in that moment and that "Somebody finally gets it!!" Ha-ha, that was a pretty cool moment!

We have had some other really good lessons over the week but they don´t really stick out in my mind at the moment. But that is why I write a journal so if you want to read it when I get home, you are more than welcome to do so. Things here in Perico are going well. The temperature is kind of starting to even out to a lukewarm summer sort of thing. It still has yet to rain which is a bad sign for the people of Jujuy considering the economy is mostly based on the harvest of tobacco. We'll see what happens, personally I think that they need to repent and hurricane Fran will come back from the dead and they'll have all the water they need! Ha-ha. I like the people here. I have seen that they are a little more accepting than the people in my last area were. Or maybe I am just doing something different. Whatever it is I am enjoying my time more because we are having more success. Or at least it seems like it.

Love you all, and take care.
Elder Jeff Rose

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