10 November 2009

Bee Hunting!

Elder Willeitner and I are doing good. He has 16 months in the mission. He´s from Sandy, if I didn't already throw that in there.

We have a baptism planned for this weekend. Her name is Lorena and she is the sister of Ricardo, the guy who was baptized the week before. We gave Ricardo the priesthood in church last week, which was way cool. Elder Willy and I also gave talks in sacrament meeting, on very very short notice I might add. And our ward mission leader was just changed, it is now Fabian, a kid who just got back from his mission in Buenos Aires about a month ago. He´s way cool.

As a thank you to our ex-mission leader we have been over at his house in the morning the past two days helping him dig a trench in front of his house. Thanks to Brother McGarry I have some good experience in that field of work :).

Last Thursday we met the new hermana who arrived to the mission recently. She was born in this zone (that means she started her mission here). Her name is Hermana Hanson and you may be surprised to hear that she is from the Morgan hill Stake. She is from Hollister (she lives in San Juan Bautista). I know her family but I never met her, but we had a cool chat about people and stuff from back home. This past week has been pretty busy and we have been working really hard. We have been going along with this goal that we have of following every single one of the mission rules and purifying ourselves of the things that we do that don't allow us to have the spirit with us. It has really made a big difference and we are only a week of the way there but I have noticed changes and more things happening in the work. Things are fantastic here. Just thought that I would let you know that I am extremely happy and though I am tired, I have the force to move on because I know why I am here.

Today was p-day and I tell you what we did with a bit of caution; don't want to freak anyone out. But today we wet bee hunting!!! There is a member of the church here in Jujuy who makes a living raising bees and harvesting the honey. So we went up there with him today and had a barbecue up in the hills and then helped him out with the bees. He had the suits and everything for us to use and then we went and helped him harvest the honeycomb. I now have found my path in life! I am going to raise bees in the backyard!! Ha-ha. It was way fun and the fresh honey is super yummy. And I only got stung once! Yeah for me. Good thing I’m not allergic :). So everything is just fantastic here. We´re working hard and we’re smiling and trusting in the lord to guide us. I love you and trust you to do the same. Take care and don´t do anything I wouldn't do :).

Elder Jeff Rose

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