17 November 2009

Campanion Respect!

We had a fun Zone activity today up in one of the other areas. We all went up early and had a capture the flag water balloon war. We had a blast. Or at least me and Elder Willeitner did, and then after wards we went and got something to eat and headed back to Perico where we got ready to work.

So the last couple of days have been kind of not so fun because I have been a little sick. I successfully gained the respect of Elder Willeitner (that's what he says at least) by teaching a lesson, going out to the street, puking my guts out, and then continuing to work for the rest of the day. Hardcore right? Ha-ha, I feel a little bit better now, but I'm still a bit unwell. Other than that though, everything is fantastic.

The baptism this weekend went really well. It was a super rainy day but that was good because Perico really needs the rain a lot. The mom and the brother of the girl that got baptized were there to support her and there were about 30 people that showed up to the service. It was really cool. Busy and difficult with the rain and all that, but what can you expect. It has gotta rain some day. It hasn't rained since but hopefully it'll pick up again soon. But yeah, so Lorena was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. It was a super satisfying experience.

As for the other investigators that we have, there are a few that are progressing; they just lack going to church a little bit more. The rain kind of killed attendance at church on Sunday. Not just for investigators, but for members too. And on the way to church we also ran into the father of an investigator family drunk in the street. So they need a lot of help and a lot of prayers. But yeah, things are looking good.

Things might be changing a little bit in the companionship's in the mission a little early this transfer but that is more news to come. Listo (means I am ready). I think that is all. I will talk to you all later. Big hugs and kisses for everybody. Take care of yourselves. Love you a ton.

Elder Jeffrey Rose

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