24 November 2009

New Companion

How are things going back in the homeland? Are the chestnuts roasting on an open fire yet? I think we have successfully scared Jack Frost away from Jujuy for a decade or two with the heat that has been going on here. Ha-ha. It is rather warm, but it rains every once in a while to keep things under control.

Everything is going fantastic here. The biggest piece of news it that I have yet another new companion. I tell ya, I’m going through them like they´re going out of style! On Thursday past we received a call saying that on Friday my comp, Elder Willeitner would be going to an area in Tucuman that had been closed for 14 months and would be reopening it with another elder here in Jujuy.

Then the big chunk of news… Elder Rose is now a proud father of a little baby missionary. My kid´s name is Elder Macovichuk from San Diego, California. He just got to Argentina about 4 days ago due to his VISA. So I’m training. What a trip, no? It´s fun though. Everything is way good, he´s fun and he´s learning and he speaks a decent amount of Spanish.

As for the investigators; we had success at church!!! Half of the Ruiz family finally came, as well as Monica and a kid named Alejandro Vilte and another man named Eduardo Farfan. All of them have a date to get baptized in the middle of December right before the holidays. I am super excited because they seem like this time the things might actually just work out good.

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