08 December 2009

¿Como andan las cosas por allá?

The update for this last week... It has been pretty nice weather first of all; It hasn't really gotten all that hot and it has been sort of raining or at least misting for a couple of days. It keeps the work a bit easier to do when the temperature is below 100 degrees. Be that as it may, it feels cool but usually it still hovers around 90 degrees. It is really weird that that feels nice and cool for me :). So that is cool but now to the stuff that really matters.

I was asked along with my companion to participate in two baby blessings on Sunday, which was a first. In church on Sunday we had a few investigators, but by far the very best part of it all is that Monica Rodriguez was there and yesterday we spoke with her and she said that she wants to be baptized this Saturday "!" How cool, right? She said that when she went home from church on Sunday she told her parents that she would need someone to watch her kids if they didn't want to come to her baptism. Her blood family and the family of the father of her kids don't really get along good so that is a bummer but she said that the people who want to support her will come and if they don't, oh well. She is definitely one of the most decisive people that I know.

We had a former investigator return to church after a couple of weeks which was cool. He is actually the father of one of the babies that was blessed on Sunday.

Then there is a really cool story for you all. On last Thursday we were at the bus stop waiting for our bus to go to district meeting and a lady turns to us and asks us what time the meetings at church are on Sunday. We told her and started talking a bit. We got on the same bus and started teaching her. We set up an appointment to go teach her in her home and she got off far before we did. She said she would go to church and in the second hour of church she showed up with her 6 year old daughter. I was super surprised but at the same time I had a feeling that she would go. So anyway, we have an appointment to teach her tonight and she said that she was going to the Relief Society activity today. That was the success stories of the week.

It was a good week all in all but there is still so much to do. There is one thing that I have learned and that is that there will never be a moment in which I am satisfied, that there is always more work to do in the Lord´s vineyard. I gotta go, but just think about that and think about whether you are satisfied or whether there is more to do:). Just think about it.

Love you all TONS

Elder Jeffrey Rose

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