29 December 2009

Happy New Year

Well hello there everybody. Today the rain hit with a fury and so did the aches and the chills, so I’m searching for Ibuprofen to get over it. But other than that, everything is absolutely peachy. I think it was about 90 degrees when I woke up today and now that it has been raining a couple hours it is probably about 70 but with 100 percent humidity. Kind of reminds me of North Carolina.

But yeah, so there isn't a whole lot to say today since I just talked to you all and spilled my guts about everything. Things are well. We have a few investigators that are progressing that are doing well. One is Jorge Mazzala, from Buenos Aires. And the other is Mikaela Moyata. We have also picked up an old investigator I was teaching a while ago; her name is Natalia and her boyfriend is a member.

So they´re all going along and there are a few people on the side that are doing alright as well but it is just too early to tell whether they are really interested and committed or just curious or just polite. That is one thing that happens a lot. There are a ton of people that just will listen to you because they have been taught all their life that you have to respect other religions in order to have others respect you but they would never think about changing. There have actually been times where I have asked someone the question "If god told you that he wanted you to learn these things for your salvation and that it was the only way, would you obey him?" And they just straight up say no. So there are those who are so trapped in tradition and such that they just won´t open their shells and come out of their armour and let anything unfamiliar in. But that is the point of what we are doing; searching for those who are willing, those who are teachable and those who are ready and have true faith.
So have true faith people.
Love you. Out.
Elder Jeffrey Darrell Rose

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