23 March 2010

Things are good!

As for things here, they are good. I think I am getting a cold from constantly being wet from all the rain and humidity but I am actually enjoying every minute of it. Today has been a pretty good day so far. We cleaned the apartment, went shopping, I went to check out shoes but still haven´t found anything. I did however get my shoes resoled, so we´ll see how they work out. The problem with resoling shoes is that they always fit differently when they are done. We´ll see. Oh, I think the package got here, at least A package got here, I assume it is the one that you guys sent. I will know on Thursday. Things in the area have been going pretty good; really good in some ways and struggling in others. This coming weekend we will be having 3 baptisms; 1 in Monteros and 2 in Simoca. This Sunday was the first Sunday I went to spend in Simoca. It is a very small, lazy little town in respect to the amount of people that are in the streets during the siesta. So we went to lunch after church with a member and then went to the plaza and found a bench to study on for a couple of hours while everyone else was sleeping. Like dad says, having two little branches is a little bit of a challenge with all the logistics and all the little problems that have to be worked out. It is like the experience that mom and dad are having living outside of the area of the branch, when you aren't close by and things happen they are a little bit more difficult to deal with, but we´re working hard to try and get the support of the people. Apart from those 3 who will be baptized, we have a few other investigators that we are trying to work with. Once we get them coming to church they will be golden, but that is the age-old struggle. As for the area, I am getting to know it better and better each time we head out. It is kind of confusing having two cities, two area books, two of practically everything to keep straight. But it is a test that I am enjoying; I just hope that I am doing well. And I figure at this point who knows how long I could be in this area. I could leave in a transfer or I could finish the mission here, so I figure I should be even more careful about taking advantage of all the time I have here whether it is a small jaunt or a long haul. Elder Castro´s family wasn't affected by the earthquake, at least not badly. Some stuff broke in the house, but nobody was hurt and they´re all fine. They live about 400km or 600km or something like that away from the epicenter so they were a little more protected. And as for us, we are getting along good. He gets frustrated a lot because he doesn't understand everything about the mission yet and I am slowly realizing that his trainer didn't really teach him much. He also spent a while away from the church and in that time he lost the opportunity to learn a lot of things about the gospel. So we are working on that. A lot of times as we are teaching he will make a comment after-wards about something that he didn't know or didn't completely understand about the gospel. He´s a way good kid though. Not really a kid though; he´s 26 years old. So that is an interesting experience. But yeah, things are just going well. Can´t really complain about anything, not that I would if there was something to complain about. But yeah, so the challenge of the moment is organizing all the interviews and two separate baptismal services. We are working on organizing the baptisms and on doing divisions and such. It is all so much fun. Ha-ha. Well. I love you a ton family, and I miss you. I’ll be talking to you later. And happy birthday wishes again to Kim. I’ll sing Feliz cumpleaƱos to you all twice when I get home.
Take Care
-Elder Jeff Rose

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