12 January 2010

All Smiles here in my part of the world!

It has been a spectacular last couple of days in the mission. This last week we had zone conference and a lot of problems were resolved. The president also gave us a new challenge for the next 6 months. We will be reading the Book of moron as a mission and searching for all the references to Christ and his teachings and each coming zone conference for the next 4 transfers we will be discussing what we have learned. I am super excited about that. The president also asked us to send the notice to our families and friends:

The things in the area are good. We have some really cool people that we are teaching. They all have their individual challenges, but they are good. Jorge Mazzalla is going to church and overcoming the doubts that come and go so frequently for him. Martin, he is getting baptized next Saturday, which will be really cool because he is the only child in his family who is not yet baptized so that will be one more completed family! We are also working with a girl who is dating a less active member. They are currently living together and she needs permission from her parents to get married or get baptized or do anything so that is the current challenge. Some of our investigators still have yet to be recovered after the holidays but we are doing all we can to find them.

I have seen lately the true guidance of the Lord in this work and it is amazing how he puts us in the path of people in the most mysterious ways. I rather enjoy it :.) Things all in all with me are good; still lots of stuff to improve, but that´s the project.

Today for p-day we went to a place called Humahuaca. It is a really beautiful place with really cool stuff there. Look it up on the web and you are sure to find it. We went with 40 other missionaries and it was a blast. I got some cool stuff to bring home for you guys as long as it survives because some of it is rather fragile. I got some cool pics too. It is similar to the landscape of southern Utah.

Other cool stuff going on... not so much.

So everyone thanks for the prayers and for all you do for me. I really do appreciate it. I love you all. Take care!

¡Elder Jeff Rose!

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