26 January 2010

Upcoming New Companion

Things here are just turned all upside down. Not in a bad way though. Transfers came in a little earlier this time, Thursday night instead of Friday night and the news was that Elder Macovichuk was gone and I am staying. And guess what, I´m training again! I guess president thinks I did something right. I am also still district leader though the district is smaller now. The organization in the mission has changed a lot.

On top of p-days being on Mondays now, the 12 or 13 zones that there were before
have now been combined into 8 zones. They are a lot bigger and there is more
distance between the areas. The zone leaders are now comp iguales, I don´t know
what that would be in English, but it means that there is not a junior or senior
comp, they are the same time in the mission about. Then the whole zone leader
counsel and zone conference things have changed a little bit. So know I am
district leader of me, my comp, the other two elders in Perico and the elders of
Monterrico, that will be interesting because those elders are struggling a bit.
Hopefully we can help them out.

So with my new comp I have to be down in Salta on Wednesday morning around 10:00 to pick him up. He´ll be fresh from the MTC again but I have no idea if he is a gringo or a Latino. Either way the experience will be fun to go down to Salta and be with all the other elders and hermanas that are training and all that. I am kind of bummed I didn't have that opportunity with Macovichuk.

So the things have changed up a little bit but that's always a good thing every once in a while. So the baptism on Saturday went well. There was only one person who was able to participate because the other one that we had plans to have that day as well was not able to come to church. The whole thing with her family and how they obligate her to work in the family store is kind of making it hard because she works weekends until 4 in the morning so she has a tough time coming to church at 9. We are still working with her though. We actually have an appointment with her tomorrow
night so hopefully she can get the support she needs from the family and all

We are also still working with a couple of the other investigators that I have been mentioning in the last couple of emails. Some new items that are pretty cool. On Sunday we were passing by a members house and business and we saw them trying to fix their car. We offered a hand if they needed it. They said that yes they needed help getting the car push started but first they wanted us to give one of the son's wife a blessing. We did and then the other son said that he wanted us to make an appointment with his wife to talk to her because now she wants to get baptized. Then we helped them push start the car and they gave us a bag of pastries and such (they own a bakery!) So that was cool.

To say the least, Macovichuk was a little bummed since that happened right as he
is leaving, but, what can you do? So right now in Argentina it is almost
carnival season. That means a lot of water balloons, buckets of water, and other
stuff. It doesn't start technically until the 5 or 9th of February or something
like that but that doesn't stop the village goers from trying to get the
missionaries wet and dirty wherever we go. It is rather entertaining actually
trying to dodge them all the time. It's good exercise :).

But anyways, we sent Macovichuk off at about 9 this morning and now it is just me hanging out with the other periqueños until my kid gets here. Thanks for everything you guys. I love you all and I appreciate everything you do.

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