01 February 2010

This week has been pretty good

It was not the absolute best week ever; but it wasn’t a complaining worthy week either. The best part of the week was Wednesday. On Monday and Tuesday I was on divisions with the other two elders in Perico. On Wednesday I went up to the bus terminal in Jujy all on my lonesome and met up with the other elders and sisters that were going to be training. It was a decent ride down. I finally got to meet and actually talk to one of my brothers in the mission (we had the same trainer). That was cool. So we went to president’s house and hung out a bit, ate lunch and then got our companions. Once again I got a gringo. I don’t know if that means that president thinks that I am good at teaching Spanish or thinks my accent would drive a native crazy or what, but I am super stoked to be with my new kid. His name is Elder Wade from Rexburg, Idaho. He is super cool. I’ll send you pictures of us next week when I have my camera. We´re doing really well and he actually speaks Spanish fairly decently.

So then on Thursday we had a district meeting and the biggest highlight is that the other elders lost their second phone in a month and this time it was mine. So that is why this week was kind of a downer. Cause we had a ton of investigators that we were supposed to go see and members to go with us but we couldn't communicate with any of them so we didn't have a whole lot of success. We found some new families that seem like they may be good, we´ll see. We had one investigator (the wife of a member) go to church on Sunday. We´ll see how that goes. She almost got baptized once, but then she just kind of disappeared. Our other investigators are just kind of there for now. We are struggling getting them to come to church, but that is the normal battle. We have been working a lot more with referrals from members lately and it seems like we might be finding some good stuff and there may be some good things going for us. We will just have to work and see.

Today for p-day we went and played with the bees again. I had to get the pictures back that I lost and the only way was to relive the experience. This time I had about 25 bees sting me but none of them got through the clothes nor the suit so I am perfectly fine (oh the miracles of modern inventions, right?) it was raining a ton today too so as we hiked up the mountains to get to the bees I felt as if I was in the military or something running through the forest in the pouring rain with a big backpack cutting my way through with a machete. Oh, if only you could have seen me!! It was super cool. Anyway, so things are good here. I am glad to hear from you guys that things are good out your way too. Keep up the good work, stay focused, be good and I love you all a ton. Never forget it.

Elder Jeff Rose

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