22 February 2010

New Email Address

February 22, 2010

Hey everyone! How are things going? So, first the little bits of news. First of all, they changed the schedule for the conference so if you were planning on writing me tomorrow, sorry, I’ll get your email next week. And also, the church has just recently changed email systems for missionaries and stuff and it´s supported by Google and it works well, so now that that is ready, this email address is the one that I should be using from now on. If it doesn’t show up on your list it is the following. ´jeffrey.rose@myldsmail.net´ I guess the church worked with Google to get it made so it works a lot better now. So you can continue sending the emails to ´cheboludo44@gmail.com´ and I will still get them or you can send them directly to this one. But the other ones (lamasrose77 and jeff.rose) won´t exist here in a little bit.

But yeah, so everything here is going pretty good. Elder Wade and I are having fun and working hard. He is a really cool kid and I am glad to have gotten to be with him. As for our investigators, things are going better. We have one who is really cool. His name is Rodrigo and he is 25 years old. He has eye problems to the point where he really can´t see so it is hard for him to read and all that. So we burned the scriptures on CD and we assign him ´listening´ assignments and we leave him with movies and stuff like that. We try to pass by at least once a day and sometimes have the opportunity to pass by twice. He has a lot of questions and his story is really cool. He has gone to church twice and he has a baptismal date for the 6th. We´ll see if he can really get an answer by then. I would love to see him get baptized before I leave the area.

It has been raining a ton lately. Since I really only have one good pair of shoes left I wear my dress shoes until they get completely soaked and then I leave them in the apartment to dry and wear other shoes. It has been pretty good weather though. It still gets way too hot for anyone to enjoy, but the rain keeps it at least a little bit under control.

:) love you guys, hope all is going well. Take Care!

Elder Jeff Rose

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