08 February 2010


It has been hailing and raining here for the past little bit and has delayed our travels. I have to go up to Jujuy with my comp so that I can do divisions with the zone leaders today and tomorrow and then I will be back to my area on Wednesday, then back up to Jujuy on Thursday for district meeting and all that good stuff. Sooooo... things here are going well. Starting today and going backwards. We went fishing today for p-day; I’ll put some pictures up of that. It was pretty cool. Didn't get any pictures of the fish cause I didn't have my camera on me but I pulled out 4 or 5 fish (I can´t remember). It was pretty fun. We just bought some bamboo poles and strung up a little string and for bait we dug up some worms and then we used some flour and water and mixed it up into a simple dough. Amazing that it actually worked as well as it did.

The weekend was not so spectacular but it was decent. We really got fodged (stood up) for about 3 days straight. Not one of the appointments that we had scheduled went through. We still got some stuff done but it was really a lesson learned on the struggle that we sometimes have and how to get past them. We have a few decent investigators right now. We are working to get them going; hopefully we can help them out. We kind of are starting over at the moment. We dropped a lot of people and are trying to find new ones. And we still don´t have a cell phone so that is a bit of a problem. But through all of this, I am happy and I have been working hard and having a good time with my comp.

Elder Wade is a stud. We get along really great. I hope that I can teach him good and help him out. It is like dad said, “who knows where I will be in this next transfer.” I don´t know if I am gone but I kind of have a feeling that I am. And on top of that once you are in a ward this long and you visit members and less actives and start learning the deep dark secrets of the area, you kind of start wanting a new place to be. But no matter where I am I will be working, so all I hope for is a comp that will work and people that will listen. And with that I am happy. And that is what I have right now so I am happy and I am smiling. Thanks to all you guys for everything and your continued letters. I love you all. Take care.

-------Elder Jeff Rose--------

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